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    Today I migrated my ATT account to Cingular for a better package. For data I had ATT MMode Unlimited, now I have Cingular's MediaMax 200 with Unlimited Data. My problem is that I can no longer access any Data. I can't send Text Messages (though I can receive them), I have no access to Web Sites or even my email server (Exchange at my office). Even trying to use the default settings to access AOL through VersaMail don't work? Funny thing is that I went online (Google) once while in the store and it worked quick and fine. Now nothing.

    I have an original ATT branded Treo 650-1.17-CNB Hardware: A

    If I run the Treo 650 Updater 1.17 again but use a different version (CNG or CNA) will I have what I need to run on this new Cingular account?

    Any assistance in appreciated.
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    I recall reading that you need a new Cingular SIM card to replace your old ATT one. The folks at Cingular should be able to transfer all your info from the old card to the new one in minutes.
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    Rambo47, I did receive a new SIM card today.

    BTW, if anyone knows the Outgoing Mail Server info for Cingular (with my Media Max 200 plan) please advise. With my ATT plan it was
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    user name - WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM
    password - CINGULAR1
    APN - wap.cingular
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    This worked, thanks!

    Now, does anyone know the outgoing email server address? Mine used to be I tried & .net and neither worked. Any ideas?
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    I know my phone's email address is in the format of, but I don't use that email address with Versamail. I use my corporate and BellSouth DSL accounts. When someone sends me a message to the phone email address, it comes in as an SMS text message, not as a regular email. You should probably give Cingular a call (611).
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    Curious how you 'switched'. Did they unlock your Treo to allow it to accept the Cingular SIM? I'm in the same boat, but they haven't been able to match the plan that I'm on w/ AT&T
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    I think Cingular's outgoing server is
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