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    Hi all
    I can't seem to initiate a Bluetooth Hotsync with my Powerbook 17". I was able to do it with no problem on my MacBook. It's paired successfully with both computers.
    When I try to hotsync on the PB, I get "Unable to initiate HotSync operation because the port is in use by another application." I've already restarted the PB and soft reset the Treo. Still no go. Help anyone?
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    I'm able to do it OK with my MacBook Pro. I sometimes get this error but if I try again it works. I assume you setup the bluetooth hotsync on the Treo in the bluetooth app?
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    yes, I've setup bt hotsync on the treo...
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    ok i fixed it. go to system prefs > bluetooth. under devices list, click on your treo's hotsync ID then click the Sharing tab. Make sure BT PDA Sync is ON and under Type drop down list, select RS-232. mine was set initially at Modem, which is why it didn't sync. I love finding the answer!!!

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