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    I wanted to login into my work email thru blazer on my treo650 however I get an error message. I installed the ibm java plug in and that did not work. my work email says that I need javascript enabled and its thru outlook web access.

    anyhelp pls
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    under BLAZER --- PREF --- OPITIONS --- GENERAL make sure disable java isn't selected
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    its not checked so that is not the problem.
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $Blazer$ $does$ $not$ $support$ $certain$ $javascript$ &$quot$;$functions$&$quot$;. $And$ $you$ $do$ $know$ $Java$ $and$ $javascript$ $are$ $two$ $different$ $things$ $right$?

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    I read somewhere that " Java is to javascript the same as what car is to carpet"

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