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    I was wondering if there was an options screen I was missing somewhere?

    I know that you can set an alert for a voicemail, but there seems to be no alert for a missed call. On my old 7135 the phone had an alert for missed calls as well as voicemails, so I just assumed that the 700p had the same thing.

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    The flashing asterisk in the upper left-hand corner of the screen notifies you. You can navigate to it with the 5-way or tap it with the stylus and it'll show any outstanding alerts.

    Also, holding down the center button of the 5-way brings up your alert screen.
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    ...but if you want an audible alert for missed calls, try Butler and its Attention Grabber function.
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    Also TreoAlerts works real well on the 700p.
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    I use Butler on my 700p and have no problems everything works well
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    You can try MissedCall. It can give you an LED indicator when you got a missed call/message.

    Supports Treo 600/650/700p only.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Demo
    Also TreoAlerts works real well on the 700p.
    Can't seem to find that. Could you provide a link please?
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    Quote Originally Posted by copernicus
    Can't seem to find that. Could you provide a link please?

    these programs seem to basic, yet so expensive

    no freeware apps that work, lol
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    Check out Treo Allegro. Still works on my 650 and 700p and it's FREE.

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