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    Any ideas how I can purge unwanted/obsolete Bluetooth devices from "All known devices" on a Treo 650?

    (You know the deal - you're at a conference, someone asks you to Bluetooth a document to them and - all of a sudden - 20 phones, notebooks, PDAs appear on the list. I just want them gone....)
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    I'm glad you asked that question, I just got my bluetooth (on the computer)working again and I had several on my list, two were from the same computer, just written in upper and lower case (long story).
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    At work I'm around a lot of BT devices, although I'm pretty sure that the only ones that get cached are the ones I try to send or connect to, as my list 'only' had about 20 errant entries.

    BTW, I've read a few people having crashes with that program, but it worked for me.

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