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    I have read many posts with users trying to get A2DP on their treo 700p.

    From what I understand, softick works so-so at last report. I would like to replace my ipod with my treo and a wireless headset. Does anyone have A2DP working well enough that they feel they could use it to listen to music/make calls for 2 to 3 hours a day?

    Thank you for your help.
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    Kind of, it's supported via third party. iPod doesn't have A2DP either, I don't see why you put that requirement on the Treo. As for the music player, pTunes has skip issue with the 700p they need to work on.
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    IMHO softick aint there yet, not even close. they are very unreponsive on thier forums.
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    some people on these boards have had successs in older versions i believe 1.03 or 1.04 for me they did not work i am waiting for sag to come up with a fix.I am keeping my fingers crossed but they seem to be having problems getting it to work
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    so A2DP doesn't work well and the mp3 player skips . . . . . I guess that is a NO then

    Seriously though, the reason I want A2DP is three fold. One, the placement of the audio jack on the treo is Aweful. Two, I hate having to use the adaptor and the headset plugs, just makes for a bit of a mess. Three, the audio jacks on Treo's are pretty fragile and prone to breaking.

    It would still work as an MP3 player without A2DP, just not very well for my purposes. I hope softick gets something out that fully enables this feature. I am still a bit surprised that PALM didn't include it from the begining.

    I appreciate everyone's input.
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    Actually you can use the BT earphones for iPod, which comes with a separated BT dongle. Yes I hear you about the fragile 2.5mm connector.
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    But the ipod bluetooth headphones don't have a mic.

    Personally, the ability to answer a call while listening to music over bluetooth stereo headsets is pretty high on my 'gotta have it' list.

    The major issue with wired headsets is in fact, the wire. It catches on EVERYTHING. Seatbelts, cabinet handles, corners of desks, etc. And the use of tools while leaning over an open computer with a wired headset is an amazing thing. I have found my headset looped through a power chord without ever unplugging the unit!

    Since i weigh far more than the tinsel strength of the wire, connector, and jack, standing up or sitting down without noticing the wire is caught on something solid is an automatic cost.
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    I've been checking the Softick site every few days, hoping they'll issue an update. Having this functional with the 700p is my dream, and I kind of assumed it was forthcoming when I bought it.

    I was also very angry that PocketTunes was such a disaster. Switched to TCMP though and it works great. So for now I'm using a good set of headphones with the clunk 2.5 to 3.5mm adapter, which I hate.

    Softick (or somebody else), please get this working!
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    Bump. There's a new announcement that A2DP is working on the 700wx, any luck with the 700p?
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    Softick came out with an update that works on the 700p.. I have had great success with their newer versions... Not sure about 700wx
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    I'm using Softick Audio Gateway 1.09 and the HBH-DS970 bluetooth stereo earbuds with my 700p and have been almost problem free. I have experienced a couple random disconnects most likely due to Palm's bluetooth implementation. Everything is working well. A2DP/AVRC, caller ID, music to phone call switching, music resuming upon call completion as long as leaving on phone screen, and high quality sound all are the things associated with my setup. I am using pTunes Deluxe 3.1.8 instead of the latest version. SAG 1.08 beta and the latest pTunes caused freezes to my 700p. I have no need to upgrade pTunes as I'm extremely happy with everything so far. Could SAG 2.0 be perfection ? I hope so.
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    SAG 1.09 works well with Ptunes 4.1 and TCMP. It DOES NOT work yet with Kinoma 4EX or Coreplayer 1.0
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    Hows the battery life on the Treo using A2DP?
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    +1 on the battery life question, and has anyone found any hands on reviews of the motorola s-9's yet? What kind of range are you guys getting with A2DP headphones?
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    I got SAG 1.09, Lubix LC1 bluetooth headphones, and Ptunes 4.0.1. Works pretty well, as long as theres a sprint internet connection, my streaming audio comes in crystal clear and good. Battery life is so-so, so I'm sure an upgrade in a bigger battery would be in order and counter the problem.

    Only problem I got it that the end call buttons on my specific headset brand dont work , and I have to turn my unit on and off to return to music once a phone call is over. Placing a phone using my headset is not quite there yet either. But I'm sure its just a patch or so away, ITS SO CLOSE TO BEING PERFECT!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NickDG View Post
    Hows the battery life on the Treo using A2DP?
    SAG 1.09 works pretty good with my Treo 700p but battery life while streaming music with my Moto HT820 headphones kind of sucks the battery really fast.
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    Are you streaming off of the card, or are you pulling songs off the net? I can imagine that streaming using bluetooth and also having a data connection to the net would kill the battery.
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    I have SAG 1.09Beta, 700p, and a set of Bluespoon Spider headphones.

    Everything works OK with the PTunes which comes with the phone ...3.09 I believe.

    The Spiders have a so-so mike and callers can hear me but say I sound "far away". Battery life on the headphones is only about 2 hours....why in hell they can get away with saying 10 hrs on the pkg ??? is beyond me.

    The earpones sound good for music but are kinda heavy and not that comfortable on my large head.....I'm looking forward to trying a set of Motorolas S9's when they hit the street....although I really want to have the Treo broadcast to my car stereo...but that's still a work in progress.

    I have to be careful to turn off SAG before turning off the headphones or the phone crashes.

    Battery life of the Treo when braodcasting to the headphones is so-so of course...need larger battery...or charging car cradle.

    SAG is a bit of a kludge....but the best available for now.....who knows when the Palm ROM / bluetooth upgrade will come...if ever.

    Warren C.
    Warren C.
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    Where can I find a copy of SAG V 1.9

    1.1 was horrible on my 700p
    I searched all over and found 1.8 it works so so, but I would like to try 1.9

    Is there a place to download leagacy versions?
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    Am I the only one who know's that palm won't be adding support for bluetooth audio with the 700p rom update
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