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    Strange, I just had this problem with my Sprint 700p. I have about 250/wk and this is the first time there was ever a problem. I hope they get this fixed. ANNOYING!
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    I had that problem (could send, but wasn't receiving any). I didn't try resetting the phone. I called Rogers and it turned out it was because I had too many messages in my inbox. Once I cleaned them out I got my text messages. Now I delete them regularly and I haven't had the problem since. but I don't have a 700, so it might not be the same issue.
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    I'm getting this too, it is a real pain!
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    I've been having this issue myself. any solutions found yet? It has to be a 700p issue, because it never happened with my 650 and my wifes sprint phone never misses msgs. Only receiving is a prob. sending still works fine.
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    I have had this problem too and I have a 700p on Sprint. What I've noticed is the times I have not received incoming SMS messages is only AFTER someone from the Verizon network has sent me a text. The text from the Verizon subscriber is what stops me from receiving texts from anyone. I have tested this with a verizon user. Only and only when she is the first in the line of messages I didn't receive does my phone stop receiving SMS messages.

    On that same note, a chic from verizon (who does not have a 700) said that this same thing occurs to her mobile phone when she receives incoming text from a Sprint customer.

    I'd love to know if anyone else is experiencing the problem of lack of receipt of SMS messages AFTER a text from a Verizon customer was sent to you. Try tracking down the first text sent to you that you didn't receive.
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    I am a Verizon customer and only receive messages from other Verizon customers and still had the same problem. I think it's a software bug.
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    I not only have this problem with text messages but it happens with my voicemail as well. I reset the phone and get a bunch of vm's that were not showing up.
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    yes, a sprint rep also told me that the verizon network somehow interfers with sprint's. I have a treo 700 on sprint and my wife has a razr on verizon, and I don't get her text messages half the time. once the sprint rep told me this I then tried sending myself text messsges from my wife's phone and I would not always get her messages sometimes until hours later. I then had my brother(nextel) and my other friend(sprint) send me messages with me right there and I would always receive them instentaneously, so there is definitely some truth to that.
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    I know this is an old thread (back from August), but this problem just happened to me. Like others on the list, i wasn't able to get any texts, but then after installing the patch it was all good. Suddenly, i didn't get 3 texts. I texted out to 5 of my friends and they texted me back and the other three missing ones popped up. The next day, i was texting my boyfriend back and forth all morning with no problems and then all of a sudden i haven't received any for the past 3 days - i've even sent out texts - they have received them and texted me back - none of them i've gotten. I've done a hard reset hoping that will resolve it, but nothing.

    Does anyone have any ideas? This thread seems to think it's a Verizon person texting me that could jam it up. Should i call (oh god not this) Sprint? I'd appreicate any and all help.

    I wasn't getting voicemail alerts either (when i had 6 messges waiting), but the reset seemed to fix that problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by awerry View Post
    Has anyone... Sprint or Palm or whomever actually acknowledged that they even SEE the problem that we are seeing and that they are working on a solution? I reported it to Sprint but they said they didn't see a problem.
    Its not a palm or treo specific problem. Its a network issue and it happens with all phones. And from time to time sprint has major network issues the same thing happens with others such as verizon, cingular ect.

    My best advice I can give is if you have something important to say then call the person and if they can not talk leave a voice mail. Its just like an email sometimes an email will arrive asap but other times it can take a few days.
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    This issue still plagues us. We have raised the issue with Sprint, but they can't recreate the problem. The tech engineer I've worked with has experienced the problem on his 700p...once. He can't recreate it.

    It happens to us sporadically. We've been a Sprint customer for almost four months now (about 75 700p's). We've been experiencing this since day one. The reset is the only fix.

    Here's a similar thread:
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    This problem still happens to me with the 700p and the 700w, both on Verizon. However, it has NEVER happened to me while using my Motorola Q. It also never happened to me with my Treo 650 (used it for over a year). It somehow is related to to the newer Treos.
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    It's funny, sometimes mine resets with text sent from inside the US, it will reset on all pix messages and reset on all text and or pix from Canada.. (of couse it's not a haha type's more like 'that figures' type of funny
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