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    I found this and thought I would pass it along with everyone here. Seems like a fairly good price for a 2 GB SD. $38, free ground shipping with a $16 Rebate. I HATE rebates, but for this price I thought I couldn't go wrong

    Click here
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    good deal

    Sprint Centro
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    drat - out of stock
    thanks for the heads-up, though
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    Quote Originally Posted by TBRunner
    drat - out of stock
    thanks for the heads-up, though
    Well I after I ordered it I saw that the 4 gig is at $59 after rebate, so I went with that. I cancelled the 2 gig, but didn't catch it in time. So if anyone wants the 2 gig, it should be at my house in a few days. If I don't hear from anyone I will send it back-Otherwise PM me and I will send it to you so you can get the deal.
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    Mine came, and it has the dreaded unmounting card issue.

    -Card is very unstable, and appears to not work well with the Treo 700P.

    (Ive formatted both in my PC and Treo)

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