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    Apologies if someone has already asked this, but I couldn't find it anywhere.

    My Treo650 is driving me mad ... it is now rebooting about 10+ times a day and I can't take it anymore. I've obviously done something or installed something that has caused it to become unstable ... at first it was MMNotify that was causing it, but I followed the instructions on another post and removed some Versamail files, but that didn't seem to help.

    So I have no choice but to clear her down. And, I may as well install the latest GSM F/W at the same time.

    But ... what I'd like to do is clear out every application I've loaded (so that I have to do a proper reinstall, rather than sync it back), but I'd rather not lose all my contacts, memos, calendar, e-mail information.

    So, does anyone know which directories/files on my PC to keep and which ones to delete so that once I do a hard reset on the Treo, and then install the new ROM and then re-sync back - only the above databases are restored?

    Thanks in advance

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    HotSync one last time, then remove all the programs except for the default Palm stuff (should be easy to recognize) from /installationroot/<user name>/backup, then HotSync again to restore.

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    That's right. Your contact, calendar, memo and task information is all saved in a different folder on your computer to the rest. All other programs/settings are saved in the 'Backup' directory.

    I would advise a Hotsync first, then rename the folder on your computer called 'Backup' to something else (like 'OldBackup' or something). Then perform a hard reset on your Treo, followed by a Hotsync (be sure to select the same username rather than creating a new one) which will put all the contact, calendar, memo and task information back onto your Treo. It will also create a new directory on your computer called 'Backup'.

    For your emails you will have to open the 'OldBackup' directory (or whatever you called it) and reinstall to your Treo the following 3 files: Multimail_disconnected.pdb, Multimail_attachments.pdb & Multimail_messages.pdb.
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