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    I was posted deep in one of the threads around here, but I cannot find it. Does anyone know how to hide Versamail (since we can't make a custom rom yet)?
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    SharkROM can do it. ZLauncher can as well.
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    I have tried Invisible and Obfuscate. between the two, I like Invisible a lot more. Obfuscate is free but it crashed on me several times. Invisible has never crashed and you can hide Invisible also!! it makes it look like the programs (including invisible) are just not there. its great!
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    It seems from the product description that after a soft reset, the invisible icons reappear until you run invisible again. If true, that would not help me much, because I have a scheduled backup and soft reset every evening.

    Obfuscate has crashed on BabelFish. I wonder if ZLauncher is the best option. (I used it with my Clie in the past and like it, but am concerned about stability on my 700p.)

    Any thoughts?
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    Don't forget about SharkROM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IsLNdbOi
    Don't forget about SharkROM.
    It's good no doubt, but it cannot hide itself (or any programs NOT in ROM).
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    Well that's what the OP wanted to do right? Hide apps. in ROM?
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    I use Obfuscate, works great for me.
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    Stability - ZLauncher and the 700p - well, I have no complaints and have used it since day one on my Sprint Treo 700p. The 700p is in use for about 5 hours total during an 8-10 hour day and not a problem. Ben

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