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    I just charged my Treo 700p to 100% at 3 AM. When I woke up around 10 AM, Treo was off. I turned it back on, went to bed, and at 3 PM it was shut off again. I noticed that it was 0% on the battery level, what's happening? I didn't even use it.
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    after having my vsw 700p for about a month, i have been noticing that my battery does not charge all the time when i have it plugged says it is charging but i actually lose power as time goes on....
    something is weird
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    My 700p started doing this after about a month... I brought it to a Sprint store in hopes of swapping out the battery, and they told me I would have to leave it for 8 hours for "testing", before they would give me another one. I told them that wasn't a viable option for me, and they didn't seem to really care, so I returned the phone (which they didn't have any problem with) and now I'm back to my 3 year old i500...
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    Something making it crash in middle of night ?

    This automation will result in less stress when your PalmOS PDA crashes. And if your PDA crashed in the middle of the night the automatic reset prevents its batteries to drain, as it will not stay on all night, until you eventually press the Reset button in the morning.,en/
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    Wow that sucks. Heh. I did a reset but I hope its going to prevent another crash.
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    well if ya use the program Crash, it stops it
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    This just happened to me last night as well. Decent charge, 60~80%, last night then 0% on the battery this morning.

    From looking at the Crash Pro information and the crash info from ##377# (Sprint Treo 700p), I'm now hypothesizing that at 6:03 am, my phone crashed for who knows what reason. The screen stayed lit with the crash message until the batteries completely drained by the time I checked the phone.
    System Error Log
    A crash occurred on
    8/8/06 at 6:03am while

    Fatal Exception

    Inspired 101, when this happened to you, did you check the crash log?

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    some thing is going on there. My run down fast because I get a text message every 10 minutesd but for it not to be used calls for a battery.

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