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    Deciding whether to get a 700p for tethering to my Powerbook G4. Seems relatively simple from the posts here, but thought I would check with Verizon just to see.

    Response is below. I am assuming this is the "official" response, and they for some reason want me to go in a different direction.. there is certainly plenty of evidence this works. Is this because of possible need for third-party software? Or maybe something else? (I am NOT interested in a VCast phone or using a card.) I am not sure if they are referring to BT or USB, they didn't say.

    I did call back to get more info on data plans and they of course are uninformed or confused... I think. I wanted difference between what they call unlimited data (44.99) and unlimited broadband ($59.99). The CSR talked speed and some other things, but in the end what they SEEMED to be saying is that the higher figure includes the tethering, which would make sense from what I see here and by doing the math $44.99 + $15 tethering = $59.99.

    Anyway, if anyone could illuminate, I would really appreciate it. I am ready to pull the trigger on the 700p, just want to make it works the way I want it to before I do. Thanks.

    Verizon info:

    We apologize for any confusion regarding our data plans. Currently, Verizon Wireless does not support the Treo 700p as a tethered modem with a Macintosh computer. However, using specific Broadband/VCast enabled handsets such as the RAZR, E815, VX8100 and VX9800 provides the greatest variety of supported Apple computers. Subscribing to our $59.99 Unlimited Broadband Access Connect data plan will enable you to use Broadband/VCast handsets as a USB or Bluetooth modems. You can then connect to our 60-80 kbps National Access service or 400-700kbps Broadband Access service (where available) without incurring any airtime charges. To use the handset option, your computer must meet the following conditions:

    - G3 or newer processor or Intel Core processor
    (iMac, PowerMac, PowerBook, eMac, Mini, MacBook, Macbook Pro)
    - Apple OS X 10.3.2 or higher such as Panther and Tiger
    - Administrator rights on your Mac (for software installation)
    - Built-in USB port or built-in Bluetooth
    - CD-ROM drive
    - 32 MB Ram
    - 14 MB free hard disk space

    If you are unsure what version of the Mac OS you have please follow the steps below:

    1. Click on the "Apple" icon on the upper left Menu Bar.
    2. Select "About This Mac"
    3. The OS version will be in the upper portion of this window.

    Verizon Wireless also supports using our wireless data cards with Apple G3 and newer PowerBooks as well as MacBook Pros. Verizon Wireless offers the Verizon Wireless V640 aircard in the ExpressCard form factor that is only supported with the MacBook Pro. Verizon Wireless also offers three aircards in the PCMCIA form factor, the PC-5740, V620, and KPC-650. To use our PCMCIA aircards, your computer must meet the following conditions:

    - PowerBook G3 or newer (iBooks and MacBooks not supported)
    - Externally accessible PCMCIA slot (12" PowerBooks not supported)
    - Mac OS X 10.3.2 or higher such as Panther and Tiger
    - Administrator rights on your Mac (for software installation)
    - CD-ROM drive
    - 32 MB Ram
    - 14 MB free hard disk space

    Broadband Access and National Access are premium services that require the addition of a Broadband Access or National Access data plan on your account. There are several data options available for you to choose from. They all offer the same average connection speed of 60-80 kbps using National Access and the Unlimited Broadband Access data plan enables you to connect to our 400-700kbps Broadband Access connection in addition to National Access. None of our Data plans incur any airtime charges when using Broadband or National Access. We have listed the various pricing options below:

    - 20 Megabytes of National Access for $39.99 per month plus $0.004 per Kilobyte in excess of 20 Megabytes ($4.07 per Megabyte)
    - Unlimited Broadband Access and National Access for $79.99 per month

    We are currently offering the Unlimited Broadband & National Access plan at a discounted promotional price of $59.99 per month. In order to take advantage of this promotional offering you must have one active line of Verizon Wireless voice service with a voice plan that is $35 or more per month for each data line at the $59.99 promotional price and agree to a 2 yr service agreement on the data line. To verify data coverage areas you can view maps of our digital coverage area at the following link:
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    I helped a friend of mine set his powerbook up with a 700p and tether it over the sync cable. He was told the same thing by verizon rep with the unlimited data charge and need to pay additional 15 a month for tethering. From what I saw, the "tethering" software from verizon is just the drivers and connection software for verizon's network. Looking for a better solution to keep costs down. I loaded a demo of the usbmodem for mac software. My friend already had an unlimited data plan and after trying the demo, he purchased usbmodem. He connects to the verizon network without paying the additional tethering fee. He only pays for the unlimited data plan and monthly air time. Him and his wife use it all the time and are super happy with it. Saved him from buying an additional wireless card. Now he has a phone and hispeed card all in one.

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