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    Sorry, have no idea what you're talking about. Little more detail, links, etc? Pretend I've never heard of "Palm Pays Back".
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    I would assume this would be the right link, correct? Or are you referring to something else?
    Sprint Treo 600 (since October '03) --> PPC 6700 (exactly 29 days) --> Sprint Treo 600 --> Sprint Treo 700p --> BB Curve 8330.
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    Yes I believe this is what the OP meant. There were posts in other threads on this subject before - that 700p was not listed as eligible device to claim points. (Subsequently people posted workarounds.)
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    Sorry.... webedc is correct.
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    yeah finally... after almost giving up on this palm pays back program I got it to work.

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    Are you guys that have had success using the promotion code on the cd sleeve?
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    Got mine to work (used code on CD sleeve). However, it lists the 2200 points as "pending." Does anyone know what that means?
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    Finally! Registered my 2 (Sprint) 700ps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonathanuy
    Got mine to work (used code on CD sleeve). However, it lists the 2200 points as "pending." Does anyone know what that means?
    I have the whole "pending" thing also...wonder how long it takes for them to be real/confirmed points?
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    It takes a couple of business days to go from "pending" to being available for redemption.
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    This is fantastic! I had never heard of this. I just registered the 700p. I have the discs with the Promition ID but the box for the T5 is long gone. Does anyone have a UPC code for the T5?
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    Is this legit? I noticed that it is hosted on and not
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    Its legit. You can also get there by going to and is legit. I got 2200 points for my Sprint 700p, which I cashed in for a $25 Amazon gift certificate. I already used it to buy some books, so its good. I will note that I had to fax all my stuff to them since it would not accept the code from my phone.
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    Thanks Stroths!
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    Don't want to sound rude, but: Read the email that was sent to the email address you registered with the service (if you didn't get it, then I apologize for being a bit rude).



    Your friend Donald Kirker has validated their Palm™ product and given you the credit. You now have earned 2200 Palm Bucks. Your Palm Bucks will appear in the Pending category of your Palm Wallet until 7pm ET of the following business day. Your Palm Bucks will then be moved into your Current Balance so that you can spend them at the Palm Store or at prominent online retailers like, The Sharper Image, RedEnvelope, Staples®, Fandango, and United®. Go to to view your account status.

    Thank you for being a Palm Champion and for sharing your great experience with others.

    The Palm Pays Back Team
    Anyway, you then click the redeem link on the Palm Pays Back site to view the value of the different prizes and how many points you need until the next level. You can then redeem them. When redeemed it will take a few days for the process to complete (I imagine that this is for fulfillment methods).

    Yes, this service is 110% legit. I have used it before and it has helped me to buy the ThinkOutSide BT wireless keyboard and now it will help me to buy some stuff for my Treo 700p.

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    Kinda funny that the Treo 650 got me 2300 points and the 700p only gets 2200!
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    Anyway I can use the points to buy chatter mail?
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    But is anyone having success entering in a code from Sprint online? We were always the ones faxing in stuff.

    Edit: Actually, I just did it online on my Sprint 700p and the code finally worked. 2200 points pending now!
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    Same here, now works for my Sprint purchase. Seems like they delayed just long enough to pull the $25 Amazon GCs.
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