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    Until last nite, mine had been pending since Monday (3 days). Sent them an email and now my pending points are available.

    Now I just need to figure out how to get an additional 375 points to boost me up to the next level. Seems this may be an impossibility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michelle
    Also, my friend tried to register her Treo 700p but she keeps getting an error saying it is not a qualified item; it won't take her UPC code for some reason...anyone know why?
    Make sure she is entering just a 10-digit UPC -- leave off the smaller leading and trailing digits.
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    took around 3 days to get my points to show up. Hopefully I can get this Amazon Card.
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    I got 'em! 2300 points. thanks
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    Got mine yesterday after sending an email. I think it took them like 3 days too.

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    Got mine earlier this week. It took 4 days after I faxed in everything and then another two days to go from pending to available.
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    Man, I'm glad I started this thread!
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    I lost my CD sleeve, oh no!!!!
    are all of the Palm ID codes different? If so I guess I have to fax them my receipt and UPC. any other option?
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    Any of you guys tried to use you coupon code on the Palm Store, i redeemed my points got my code for $30 but when i try to apply it to my purchase it says not valid
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    I was able to redeem to different codes. When I typed in the code it did not work. So I copied and pasted from the email and that seemed to work. The amounts came off of my order at least.
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    The Amazon $25 GC is back!
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