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    I am experiencing a double ring-tone when hanging up a call on my 700p. I checked Sound Preferences and I can see where I designate an incoming ring-tone but not for a call-end. I had just installed Butler and deleted it after experiencing this issue but to no avail. Hard ReSet and manually deleting unwanted programs from Backup folder didn't help either. Suggestions? Other 3rd party programs that may effect are Phone Technician, Agendus as I think an alarm preference is screwed up somewhere.

    Thanks to all

    Never mind Problem Solved

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    I don't have rhis problem, but pls post your resolution so others may benefit (if they search, that is).

    I figure my shot in the dark is wrong since it was so easily resolved, but I've seen/heard this happen on both land lines and cell lines, it's usually the carrier network being slow to recognize the disconnect.
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