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    Sun Room Software, LLC is proud to announce the availability of GlimmerMail 1.05 Beta, everyone's favorite Hotmail/MSN Palm Mail Client. We are really exciting about this release because there are a number of new features that users have been requesting. If you are interested in taking part in the Beta, please email Support. Keep in mind that we are interested in providing the new Beta to users who are willing to spend time with it and help iron out any bugs. User feedback is integral to making this next release a success! Some of the new features include:

    -Configure GlimmerMail as your default Mail Client
    -Support for an unlimited amount of Hotmail/MSN accounts(Add/Remove/Rename accounts locally).
    -Add/Rename/Delete folders locally AND on the server.
    -Move messages from one folder to another locally AND on the server.
    -Read messages while you are downloading them. The download process no longer blocks you from using GlimmerMail.
    -Increased messages-per-folder limit from 100 to 500
    -Color selection for each email account: Now you can set the look and feel for each account.
    -Simplified User Interface: New icons allow you to do what you want a lot easier
    -Smart Icons: In message view, if you can't perform the operation you won't see an icon or menu item there.
    -Deleting messages on the server is now queued until the next time you get messages.
    -Quicker Downloads: Some users (Carrier Dependent) may benefit from improved speed when getting new messages.

    -You can Reply to messages that have not had their message bodies downloaded.
    -In message view you can go to the previous/next message
    -Additional Shortcut Keys: If your Palm device has a keyboard, take advantage of it by using the new quick keys.
    -Send Text in HTML or Text format.
    -View the reply/forward text as you write the new message.
    -When in Trial Mode, you can see how many days you have left on the trial.
    -Increased Stability: Most of GlimmerMail was re-written to take advantage of better memory handling.
    -Improved error handling: Over 60 error screens were added to assist in identifying GM issues.

    Thank you for your support. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Sun Room Software, LLC
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    I've been running the latest demo on this and it works great. Any glitches have been quickly addressed by Troy. Great ap!

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