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    If I accidentally mess something up by playing w/ ## codes on my 700P, will a hard reset fix it?
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    no, those programming codes are not changed by resets. At least the ones that could mess anything up.
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    Just wondering because when I was programming my 700P, I accidentally mis-typed one of the numbers in my MSL: ##xxxxxx#

    So a hard or zero out reset won't undo whatever I did?
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    A hard reset leaves alone those things that are locked by the MSL. A zero out would clear out absolutely everything, so you'd have to re-program the phone to use it as a phone again and you would have to get your data re-provisioned again to be able to use data again.

    If you mis-typed the MSL, then you couldn't have accidentally messed anything up too seriously because you couldn't have altered any of the settings protected by the MSL. What is it that you think you changed accidentally?

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