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    Okay, I have a few questions i am hoping people can help me out with. First off, can anyone tell me if the Seidio G4850T supports telenav? I have read it works tom tom, but i am more interested in telenav. Telenav's website says it does not yet work on the treo 700p, but i have read from posters that indeed it does. Can anyone confirm this? I am thinking about using Seidio G4850T with the treo 700p with telenav. Is this possible? I know I am all over the place with these quesitons, but I hope someone can please clarify all this for me. I am in big need of getting GPS service on my treo 700p with sprint. I am a realtor with no sense of direction. Not a good mix If this is not a good combination can somone out there tell me what they would recomend?

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    okay, with all the treo experts in here, there has to be someone that can give me some GPS insight. Please. any help would be very much appreciated.

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    Wy don't you call them and tell them that you already own a bluethooth GPS receiver and wanted to know if it would work with TeleNav. Ask them 'What are the GPS receiver requirements to work with Telenav?'

    They are very clandestined as to whether they lock or cripple their recievers (GlobalSat BT-339) so be prepared to pinoint them in their responses.

    TeleNav - 888-353-6284
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    According to their release today, they now support the 700w but what is more important is that their system will work with other GPS receivers.

    TeleNav 4.1 has recently been released for the Verizon Treo 700w and the Sprint PPC-6700. For $9.99 per month you get unlimited usage of the TeleNav service. In order to use TeleNav on either of these two phones, you will need an external GPS receiver. If you do not already have one, you can purchase it at the TeleNav Store when signing up for service.
    See for details.
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    cant speak to using the Seidio GPS cradle; however, i use the Telenav with their GPS and a Seidio 4500M cradle (like the 4850 minus the GPS) and have had no issues at all. used it last month on a trip from tx to tn with no problems.

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