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    Consider they building Nitro, Lennon under WM 5.0
    So collect & keep your treo now....
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    Noooooo. Nooooooo. I want a new and improved Palm Treo GSM with Wifi. It isn't too much to ask, is it?

    <Ducks head because he hears JackNaylorPE coming, muttering "Who needs wifi?">
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    It's getting worse :

    Talking about Palm OS future
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    Quote Originally Posted by piterh
    It's getting worse :

    Talking about Palm OS future
    Same topic at TC
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    All I want is one last upgrade with WiFi and a better camera. Then I'll be happy as a fat kid at a pie eating contest.

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    That's fine with me.. Hellloooo Access/Linux GSM.
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    Who said Nitro is WM?

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    But, will it be GSM?
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    Nitro (POS) and Lennon (WM5) are both GSM .... there's about 234 threads covering this in the Future Treos can even see pictures with POS on screen tho one thread inappropriately titled "Hollywood"
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    Thanks JackNaylorPE.....
    that relief me....

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