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    Quote Originally Posted by ksmith80209
    I got the unlimited SMS grandfathered in. When I got the 700, they gave me unlimited SMS (cost = $8) and issue an $8 credit each month.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dslunceford
    I think this may be the ticket -- it may be a different product code vs a credit code. Do you have unlimited SMS for $8 vs the $15 currently assigned to that product (I think the step ups are $5 for 100, $8 for 500 and $15 for unlimited)? Anyone have unlimited priced at $8?

    I have unlimited sms $8 with a credit of $8
    Sprint Power Vision package $10 with a credit of $10
    Nights at 7pm $5 with a credit of $5
    Mobile to mobile $5 with a credit of $5

    I dont pay for anything except for my PCS free and clear plan 1000 anytime minutes and unlimited nights and weekend for $40 and equipment replacement for $6 but i also get my %15 discount. I didnt even talk to retention, i talked to an angel (well customer service :-) ) They were trying to get me to sign a new 2 year contract with the 700p and I told them I will only sign if I had the very best plan. So she made it happen. So, like everyone here keeps saying...just be persistent, until you talk to the right person. There's gotta be one nice person that works for sprint.

    Oh! and I also use my 700p as a modem (pdanet) and have not gotten charged for it (knock on wood)

    P.S I only put this information out so people know it's possible. Someone had done the same and I read it on this forum somewhere thats what made me try to get the best plan I could.
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    thanks all. Looking for the code on the product side ($8 vs $15) rather than monthly credit side did the trick.

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