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    I can not get any more songs on my treo 650 1GB SD card - I have 42 songs on there and >700MB of free space.

    I am using palm one quick install to load the songs. The unloaded songs just sit in the expansion card window of palm one quick install.

    What is going on?

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    are they regular mp3's?
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    This happend to me once and come to find out they where in a different format...
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    I had problems loading files to my SD card once. I backed up the card to my hard drive (using my card reader), re-formatted the SD card in the Treo, then copied the files back. From that point on I was able to access all of the space on the SD card.
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    I use the Real player desk top program to transfer songs to my SD card, seams to load every thing I want on there in the way of tunes.

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