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    Get an overview of the components of the new leading platform for mobile devices--the ACCESS Linux Platform (ALP). If you are a Linux Application Developer, this track gives you early access and hands-on experience building applications for this new platform.

    * Exhibits
    * Keynotes
    * Feature Presentations
    * Admission to the Beer Bash
    $95 even gets you into the beer bash !
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    Fortunately for the developers who enjoy the bash, any kind of hangover will have long passed by the time this is out on hardware.
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    Well we should know a bit more in 2 weeks. But the timing is such that we should here something further on an actual release date for the SDK.

    here's a good summary:

    The company hopes to begin licensing the ALP SDK (software development kit) to mobile phone hardware and software developers by the end of 2006, and expects to see devices based on it reach consumers in 2007.

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