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    GROM Interface for Palm is designed to integrate Palm into the car audio system. With GROM interface it is easy to use Palm for MP3 playback, GPS voice guided navigation, phone control and more...

    GROM highlights the following features:
    - Simple installation. Native OEM plugs for ultimately reliable connectivity
    - High quality stereo sound directly from Palm on your car stereo
    - Control Palm via car stereo buttons
    - Charge Palm while connected

    GROM for Palm supports the following models:
    Palm E2, T5, T|X, LifeDrive, Treo 650/700p/700w

    Product Advantages

    Listen MP3, charge, and control your Palm through your car stereo. OEM or Aftermarket.
    Simply plug your Palm into the provided dock cable and place your PDA on a dash or out of sight.
    No need to fumble with Palm while driving.
    Track up / down, fast-forward, rewind, shuffle songs with head unit controls.
    Hear GPS navigation voice prompt clearly, operate your Palm and listen to an MP3 playback.
    Car Makes Supported:

    BMW / MINI
    Mercedes Benz
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    i TOTALLY want this..
    Palm III -> Palm IV -> Treo 300 -> Treo 600 -> Treo 700p -> Treo 755p
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    Has anyone tried this yet? It looks like a great product, but is the audio quality noticably better? Is it reliable? Can you navigate other programs and select programs via the stereo controls/steering wheel controls? Can you control GPS feature or receive calls? Looks cool though.
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    Another question - Is there a port for a serial connection to a mouse style GPS receiver? Could this be paired with a Seidio G4850T somehow, so that you have GPS speakerphone, cradle, optimal sound, and control of device from steering wheel? I know - I'm dreaming. Thanks.
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    I may buy this in a few days and try it out, I'll put my review once I get it, but I'm sure it will be a couple of weeks before I get it and install it.
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    Thanks albertb. I look forward to hearing your review.
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    Mercedes-Benz only for models 1994-1998. No MOST or D2DB.
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    Well I just recieved it and installed it. First off, the shipping was amazing, I ordered it on Friday, it came in on Monday via USPS.

    That was the good part.

    Here is the bad part. I installed it on my 2003 Honda Accord, the unit did say Accord 2003-2006 on it which I was concerned about at the start since one website doesn't list those years. The install isn't bad, took about 20 minutes to disassemble the dash properly based on directions I found on the internet. I installed the wire into the bottom of the radio, and it recognized it as an external audio source giving me the option to switch to that input on the radio.

    I installed everything, put my dash back together - the setup is as follows: wire from radio to their box, put their box in place, another wire from their box to the Treo. I left the last wire hanging out of a little compartment in the center of the dash where I can hide it again.

    I plugged in the Treo and the sound didn't come through my car speakers. The radio did switch to the external input and recognize it was there, and when I plugged the wire into the Treo 700p, the Treo made the sound that it was charging and the charge light came on, but when I made a call or pressed play in pocket tunes, the regular speakers on the phone were giving out the sound and not the car speakers.

    Does anyone know if the 650 and 700p have the same audio output pin on the bottom? One guess I have is that this adapter was made for the 650 and doesn't work on the 700p, although I will only be able to test that in a day or two when I see my friend with his 650.

    Great concept, unfortunately it's not working yet. I emailed their support department just now for a resolution.

    Edited section

    It looks like from this post on another website, palm did change the pinout on the 700 and that's why this won't work IF the cable was designed for a 650.
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    From what I understand, there is a difference in the audio out through the cradle/power cable attachment between the 650 and the 700p. That is why car kits like Seidio's are specific to 650 or 700p. That totally suck that they don't have the right cabling for both, yet claim 700p compatability. I'd pitch a fit to them and get them working on a solution for you. Good luck and thanks for being the guinea pig. Please let us know what thier response is. Once they have you working I'll order as well.
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    Here is the response I received:
    Hi Al,
    Yes the device was designed for T5., TX, Lifedrive and
    650. We did not test it with 700p so it may not work ith it if specs of
    Multiconnector are changed.
    We will try to verify this information in upcoming
    week, I will contact you when we have more information,
    Thank you,

    I'm really hoping for the best, I think it will be a great solution for me, as long as they can send me the right cable. I found a nice place for it in my car, and took the time to install it. I don't want to disassemble to return it.

    I just can't believe "we did not test it with the 700p" when they claim compatibility.

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