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    Unbelievable, how bad this has got. Handspring/Palm, whatever they call themselves these days is doing us zero favors.

    1) Calling Sprint is like calling a brick wall. You get zero help. I've given up. I just try to hack it out on my own. No one there, can find their rearends with both hands and a flashlight, let alone solve my problems.

    2) My 700P is junk.
    BT doesn't work. I can't do a BT sync, it won't give me a wireless connection, nothing. BT? Yeah, right. Bluenothing.
    Versamail? Versa this.
    The phone resets at random. I just look at it, it resets.

    The idea of this phone is great. But this phone is not ready for prime time. Then, why on earth has Handspring/Palm assigned their critical support to Sprint? Has anyone there tried to use their support? Has anyone there tried to simply call them? When I call Sprint, most of my calls get disconnected. The only way I can get through to tech support is to plead with a customer service rep. to stay on the line with me, until I get connected.

    What a bunch of whooey.
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    I know what you mean about the rep. service at sprint, sometimes I think my 2 year old knows more than these guys. the thing that has helped me greatly is to request to speak to a level 2 tier tech, they usually have the answers you're lookin for, and if not they can find out, try it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sprintsucks
    2) My 700P is junk.
    Sell it or give it away.
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    Is this your first Treo? Have you talked to sprints treo/blackberry tech support? BT sync works for me, and so does versamail.

    Random Resets are usually the result of trying to sync a new palm device with an older palm device folder. That is, you sync your treo 700 with your pc which contains your profile from another palm device.
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    I've called Sprint 3 seperate times since getting my 700p (about a month and a half ago). Once for a billing question, once to add picture email and once to change my phone number. Never a problem

    My BT HS850 headset works fine, BT in my Jeep with UConnect - no problem and syncing to my Mac 15" laptop ... piece of cake.

    Lucky huh?
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    I've called Sprint many a time, usually to try to get some discount for me or someone in my family. I've called for technical support twice. Once for my 700p. I just told claire, "Treo" and I got someone that works solely on Treos and Blackberries. Pretty smooth, really.

    As for your bluetooth issues, try lookin' through this site for help. It seems like bluetooth syncing is usually a problem with the computer your syncing with, as there are so many different brands of computers and bluetooth drivers/software.
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    kstewart....the hacks at Sprint need you to save this thread :-)
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    Sorry that the OP is feeling that way. Seems it's not as much a Sprint issue as an OS issue.

    I've been with Sprint for nearly 10 years and have been happy with them for the most part. An occasional customer service gripe when going into a store, but nothing major.

    Sprint just gave me a new T650 this week (not a refurb). The CS guy I initially talked with was surprised I didn't want a 700. When I told him a new 650 would be great, but a refurb is fine. He just smiled and said he'd see what he could do. Whatever he did worked. The woman who got it ready for me was really surprised. She said that almost no one gets a new 650 any more. And, except for paying my bills on time, I'm "nobody" to Sprint. No multiple lines, no huge monthly package. Just one phone, a 300-minute plan, and the unlimited data plan.

    I didn't want a 700 mainly because of all the issues people have posted, esp. with BT. The headset that I have is great and didn't want to have to find a new one, and the 650 synchs great using BT.
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    true that Sprint support sucks, but trust me, all the other carriers have the same problem. It's hard to hire hundreds of representatives that are knowledgeble. Plus, I'm sure their pay scale is not that great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sprintsucks
    The idea of this phone is great. But this phone is not ready for prime time. Then, why on earth has Handspring/Palm assigned their critical support to Sprint? Has anyone there tried to use their support? Has anyone there tried to simply call them? When I call Sprint, most of my calls get disconnected. The only way I can get through to tech support is to plead with a customer service rep. to stay on the line with me, until I get connected.

    What a bunch of whooey.
    Although I've had a wide range of results with Sprint phone support, it's generally been okay. In some cases, it's been really excellent.

    As to the 700p, I love mine. I've had it since a couple of days after its release, and have had great success with it. This past weekend, I used it to connect wirelessly to the Internet; I was dropped a couple of times, but for checking email and a couple of sites, it was just fine.

    As to other aspects of the 700p, I've been really pleased with mine. I had a 650 before this one, and this is definitely an improvement. I do experience the Blazer "white pause of boredom" from time to time, but not often enough for it to be a major problem. Other than that, it's been great.

    i'm not sure why people come to the Treo forum when they hate the Treo. If they hate it, they should sell it and try their luck with one of the other devices. Are they trying to make us hate it too?
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    Sprint does suck, but I just switched two lines back to them from T-Mobile because I got a sweet deal on the phones. T-Mos customer service was great I really hated to leave. I made a solemn vow a few years ago that I would never do business with Sprint again, but here I am.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sparky76
    Sprint does suck, but I just switched two lines back to them from T-Mobile because I got a sweet deal on the phones. T-Mos customer service was great I really hated to leave. I made a solemn vow a few years ago that I would never do business with Sprint again, but here I am.

    I have relatively low blood pressure, but a Sprint so-called supervisor actually drove me to a hypertensive episode last month. Virtually every time I have had to deal with a Sprint drone, they have either lied to me or screwed up my acct or, more commonly, both. And now we get to try to discern what they're saying through heavy foreign accents while apparently thinking we'll believe their names are "Chris" and "Betty". Right.

    Retentions seem to be the only people there who know what they're doing. But, Sprint has the 700p and reasonably priced unlimited EVDO data. sigh
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    That's not been my experience. When I bought my 700p, I got a great guy on the phone; when I've gone into the local store, despite having to wait for service, the reps were very friendly.

    Here's the thing: cell phone usage has exploded in the last 10 years. It wasn't that long ago that having a cell phone was something that perhaps ONE person in a family might have. Today, it's common for every family member over the age of 12 to have his or her own cell phone.

    I'm not a Sprint employee, nor have I ever worked in that business. However, it's pretty obvious that they're overwhelmed with customers, competing fiercely for a share of the pie, and because there are only a few cell providers in any given market, they can provide a skeletal set of reps in their stores and still have more customers than they know what to do with.

    My Sprint service here in Nashville has been pretty decent, and apparently as good as any of the other providers here (judging from friends' comments). It's fun to bash companies like Sprint--they don't fight back in these forums. From my experience, I have MUCH more to complain about when I deal with Bellsouth, who is the ONLY wired phone provider in our area of the country. Bellsouth support has been pretty awful, but the Sprint reps I've dealt with (most of whom are not in this area of the country) have been been friendly and fairly helpful.
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    I love my Treo and I love Sprint!

    The OP apparently has no patience as usually you can escalate to a knowledgeable rep quite easily and they have amazing plans.

    As for his Treo resetting, Im guessing that he has 3rd party software issues.
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    I love sprint service and their customer support. The customer support is even greater with email. 99 % time I email and get the answer within minutes to hours.

    The same is not true about technical support. There is no good service by email and you have to ask for higher level of support, but it works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eldiablo
    kstewart....the hacks at Sprint need you to save this thread :-)
    Sprint isn't SPRINTSUCKS's problem...its his 700p or whatever he has done to it in conjuction with the compatibility of any applications. I do admit that Sprint CS is like riding a bycicle without a chain. I have had some problems with my 700p's Brockentooth connectivity, but nothing I couldn't overcome. This is a 700 issue that everybody understands.
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    I love Sprint and my Treo 700p. They are the best convination. I just have to be careful on what I install.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treolo
    I love Sprint and my Treo 700p.
    Its the only all digital fiber optic network built from the ground up...I just wish it was larger, and then Sprint could crush Verizon.
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    The OP is right on the money here.

    I've been with Sprint since 1999 and I've had the Treo 600, 650 and 700p. I also have five lines and have had countless cellphones in all these years.

    There is no question that the Treo 700p is the biggest piece of crap cellphone I have ever owned. Sure, when it's working it does some pretty cool things. And in theory, this is the greatest cellphone ever. But how this thing made it out of development and into the marketplace is beyond me. Does Palm do any testing? The Bluetooth problem is inexcusable. The cheapest cellphones have no problems with BT, but BT on the most expensive cellphone on planet Earth doesn't work? I wish all you Sprint aplogists could explain that one. This phone is not ready for prime time.

    As for everyone who complains about 3rd party software problems, give me a break. There have been numerous reports of unstable phones that are straight out of the box. You can count me as someone who has had problems with a virgin phone. Besides, this phone is DESIGNED to work with third party applications. But it's not designed to be stable with them. A Windows 98 box is more stable than this piece of crap phone. I'd prefer my cellphone to have stability along the lines of OSX or Windows XP -- hard to crash even with buggy software.

    And since I've owned this phone, the most instability was caused by a certain combination of SMS settings and settings in Sprint's own Business Connection application. My phone could barely make it through an hour or two without resetting. If you consider Sprint's software to be "third party" then there is no software you can trust.

    Besides, what is the point of all the extra memory if you aren't supposed to use any 3rd party applications???

    As for Sprint support... Non-technical support has been pretty awesome, especially lately. But when it comes to 700p technical support, I cannot imagine anything more incompetent. Oftentimes they have made an existing problem worse. And what's most infuriating is that they LIE. They just lie like there is no tomorrow, even when you confront them with the fact that you know they are lying, they continue to lie. I've called Sprint technical support three or four times for issues regarding my 700p and I have been lied to EVERY TIME. And they are rude. I don't think I've ever made it to level two tech, but anyone who claims level one support is good is living in fantasy land.

    Just to give you a couple of examples. Every tech support rep I have talked to pleaded complete ignorance of any problems with Bluetooth. You know they are lying out of their asses and you know they are told to do this. I was also recently told that one of the advantages of the 700p over the 650 was screen resolution. HELLO McFLY! And when I wanted to get my Treo replaced recently the rep told me he had never heard of Sprint sending out a replacement phone along with a UPS return kit for the existing phone. I've had several phones exchanged, including another phone that was echanged within the last two months. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $this$ $is$ $ALWAYS$ $how$ $Sprint$ $exchanges$ $phones$. $But$ $the$ $guy$ $claimed$ $ignorance$.

    As far as I'm concerned, the 650 is superior to the 700p in every way -- except one. This one reason is the only reason I don't go back to my semi-beloved 650. I've got my phone doing a lot of syncing throughout the day. On the 650, if anyone calls during data transmission they go straight to voicemail and I have no idea they called. The upside is that they know they went straight to VM and that I didn't hear the phone ring. With the 700p calls come through even during data transfer. On the downside, I miss countless calls every week because the 700p has locked up unbeknownst to me. The caller hears the phone ringing, but I don't, so I have no idea they called. Now people get annoyed because they think I'm ignoring them (at least with the 650 missed calls the caller knows the phone didn't ring).

    My friends are so used to my Treo problems that they make fun of me when they call. If I don't pick up they know I'm not ignoring them but my phone has locked up, or when I answer a call, they know to wait patiently if there are several seconds of dead silence while the phone connects to my BT headset. I'm tired of my friends telling me that their free phones work so much better than my "Trasho" 700p.

    I'm going to stop this rant now; It's the result of several weeks of pent up frustration with this phone and an ill-timed case of insomnia. But for the sake of anyone reading this before they buy a Treo 700p, please save yourself the headache. If you need a Treo, have a very specific reason for getting a 700p rather than a 650. And read up on this website to make sure that this benefit holds up in real life and is not just on paper. For the record, EVDO speed is not a reason to get the 700p. For Internet usage I notice very little difference in speed, and there are threads on this website dedicated to the fact that the 650 sometimes downloads faster than the 700p. After BT issues and lockup/reset issues, the data speed of the 700p is my biggest disappointment. The 700p is ten steps backward and two steps forward. If you don't believe me, just browse through the forums and see for yourself. I'm not the only one.

    Don't believe the Sprint apologists here. I've been with Sprint a long time and plan to stay with them. I've relied heavily on my Treos for several years and until there is something better, I'm stuck with a Treo. I am in a perpetual state of wishing for something better than the Treo but I haven't seen it yet. I have no personal bones to pick with Sprint and no reason to unjustifiably bash Sprint or Palm. I'm just telling it like it is. I think Sprint is the best cellular service out there and the customer service is great. Unfortunately, their Treo support is laughable, as is the 700p.
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    I'm most definitely NOT a Sprint apologist. Why do you assume that anyone who happens to like his 700p has to either be lying or an apologist?

    I had a 650 before this 700p, so I'm not new to the Treo. When I say that I have almost no trouble with my 700p, I'm not covering for Sprint. I've had it since the day it came out, and I can only relate my experience with the 700p.

    When someone calls anyone who likes his 700p a liar (as the previous poster implies with his statement "Don't believe the Sprint apologists here") I can only assume that he is a buffoon, and immediately discount anything he has to say. Just because he's had trouble with his 700p doesn't mean that we all have, or that we're lying, or that we're "Sprint apologists."

    i'm sick to death of the guys who get on this forum and viciously slam the 700p, when there are many of us who have had great success with our Treos. If you don't like your Treo, then sell it--there are tons of people who'd be more than willing to take it off your hands.

    However, to say that only YOU are right and that those of us who are happy with our Treos must either be lying or apologists or ignorant, is a stupid comment. I don't speak for anyone else, but I'll repeat--again--that I love my 700p, have had little or no trouble with it, and recommend it to everyone.

    My phone doesn't crash, even though I've got a lot of 3rd-party apps on it. Bluetooth works fine, although I've had complaints from people who say that the quality of my BT headset makes it difficult to hold a conversation with me. I've used the 700p as a modem with my laptop, connecting with Bluetooth, and it works fine. I use Verichat (the hacked version) and it works fine too.
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