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    Ok, I remember seeing this setting a while back but can't find it anymore. Maybe it went away with the last firmware update, but I set it when I first got the Treo.

    What I remember was a check box or something that, when a headset was connected, would prevent the Treo from ringing out loud, but only ring in the headset. I can't seem to find it anywhere. I was able to turn it off, when I missed a few calls because the headset was still plugged in, but not in my ear.

    Maybe it was a 3rd party app. Hmm. It would be nice though to have one that lowered the ring. Let's say I'm using a bluetooth headset and receive a call. The headset rings, and so does the Treo, but softly. That way, the dead can continue sleeping, but people around me won't think I decided to start having a conversation with myself.
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    Don't know about a full time setting, but if you slide the switch to silent, it will ring through the headset.
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