Hi everyone, first time poster, long time searcher.

I am a new 700P owner, previously a 650, on Verizon. I installed Techsounds, and love it. Have been a registered owner for some time.

With the new 700P I have noticed that the power on and power off sounds play intermittantly when I have cut the PDA off...i.e. the phone is on but the screen is off. This happens even if I have let the phone go into power off on its own... The rate seems to vary from every few seconds, to every couple of minutes. I CAN and have selected the sound to play for power up/power down as NONE, so that I don't hear it, but this makes me wonder about the battery life being 1 day for a phone that's not being used. No talking and minutes of web use.

I have wirelesssync running with push from them for Yahoo and my Outlook on the work computer running with the conduit to push, and Butler registered and running.

Any advice, background or issues you know of with constant apparrent power on/power off cycling and battery drain?