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    Is there an ActiveSync alternative for Palm OS that wirelessly syncs all PIM data with Exchange? VersaMail won't cut it because it will only sync contacts and calender. We need calender, contacts, notes, and tasks. We can't leave our PC's on so a redirector like wireless sync from verizon/intellisync can't be used. There is one host service that does not require a redirector ( but we use our own exchange server. The Chatter developer said he was working on something a few moths ago but nothing ever appeared and it doesn't sound like it will ever see the light of day. Has anyone found a viable alternative?
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    There is no choice for us. I have tried everything including being unfaithful to my Treo with a Blackberry and an MDA.

    Chatter has a solution in development. That looks like our best hope right now.
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    Unfortunately, it seems like "ChatterSync" is on hold for now based on Marc's posts. Seems like the only potential solution now is: VersaMail 3.5

    In version 3.5 it will sync (on a schedule) contacts and calender with Exchange. I guess I don't need to use it for email, and can stick with Chatter, and use it just for PIM sync. Does anyone know if this is possible or does Versa force you to sync email as well?
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