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    Salesman claimed that 700p would be compatible with my IBM P.C. laptop. I hear from others that only the 700w is compatible; whom should I believe?

    It's also a bit inconvenient to have to scroll up and down for every screen on the internet. Is their a way to configure my screen so as to avoid the inconvenience of scrolling up and down each time I log on to the internet?

    I'm paying an extra 30 dollars per month for unlimited internet access. Will I have to pay another monthly fee to link the 700p to my laptop?

    Is Sync Email an extra charge with Verizon?

    Thanks for any help on this -- I have 10 days left on my money back guarantee, and I want to explore my options and see if this phone is right for me -- and to understand if the person who sold the Treo to me was sincere.
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    Moreover, I wish to multi-task, and I'm now reading that the 700w is better for multitasking.

    I'm really thinking about getting my money back now. The salesman clearly misled me into buying the 700p when the 700w is far better for my multi-tasking needs.
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    Well if your IBM laptop is running
    Windows XP (Home or Professional)/98/2000 Pro/ME or NT 4.0 Workstation, SP6 or higher
    Then it should be compatible with your laptop, as is the 700w. What issues are you having?

    I'm paying an extra 30 dollars per month for unlimited internet access. Will I have to pay another monthly fee to link the 700p to my laptop?
    Hmm..I was under the impression that Verizon actually charges $45 for handset data access, not $30. Check your bill/plan and be sure. And yes, you'll have to pay extra to use your 700p as a modem. If you want cheaper data access, you can switch to Sprint, and use your 700p as a modem for $40 a month. The $40 also includes data access on the handset.

    I wish to multi-task, and I'm now reading that the 700w is better for multitasking
    Yes, the 700w is capable of true multitasking, however many people have found that the 700w's lack of RAM (32MB in the 700w, as opposed to the recommend 64MB) makes it difficult to multitask efficiently. You may find yourself trying to run programs and not being able to do so or having to reset because there isn't enough memory available. If you really need multitasking, consider a 6700, or some other WM5 phone.
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    First, what do you mean by compatible? You can hotsync to a pc by either usb or bluetooth. The 700p can sync with either Palm Desktop or Outlook. You can also use it as a modem with a pc. How much will it cost to use it as a modem for your laptop? Can't help you there, I'm with Sprint- though I'm sure if you search either here or on Verizon's site, you'll find an answer. I don't know what Sync E-mail is. If you're talking about syncing with an exchange server, I believe its free.

    As far as multi-tasking, what is it that you want to do exactly? If you want to make calls and look at your calendar or text message at the same time, the 700p can do it. You can also run Ptunes in the background of some apps. I do those things all the time. If its something more complicated, Palm OS probably won't do it.
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    Trevante, you beat me to it, and made it look neater.
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    the 700w can connect easier via hacks than the 700p for data access through ur treo. Verizon charges $30 for unlimited access only on the treo itself, not using it to connect to the internet via the treo. They charge an additional $45 a month to be able to use it as a modem as well. The 700p is more difficult to be able to do it without having to pay the additional 45, 700w but better off is the XV6700 which is easier to to use without the extra 45 a month. Hope this helped
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    700w really is not much better at multi tasking. The OS is more suited for multi tasking but there is not enough memory to do much multi tasking. If you want simple multi tasking, it's avaiable with apps on 700p.

    Of course both can sync with windows, that's what PDA is for.
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    From someone who has used the 700p and the 700w on Verizon, this is what I can share in regard to your questions...
    The 700p and 700w are both compatible with your laptop. I've used both on a Thinkpad and currently have used both on an HP Tablet PC.

    For most situations, similar software is available for each platforms. This is not true in every case, but it is true in many cases. Actually there are more cases where things are available for the 700p than the 700w (at least what I need in my daily business operations). This is one reason I returned the 700w and picked up the 700p.

    You are going to need to scroll on the Internet on either unit. There is some software that reduces the screen size to fit it all onto a screen, but for my eyes, that is way to small. There are font adjustments that also allow more to be viewed on a single screen on the 700p but the reality is that in a small screen you will most likely need to scroll on the p or the w.

    For the $30 a month I am not sure who you use for a provider. Verizon charges about $45 per month for unlimited data access (in my mind and for my uses, it is worth every penny). Although there are hacks out there, I prefer to stay on the legal side and I do pay the additional $15 per month for tethering the p to my tablet pc. It is my understanding that this is also the same cost for the 700w but I don't know that to be fact.

    Verizon has a wireless sync push system built into both the 700p and the 700w (and the 650) that uses a web based system for the laptop. It does, however use data so the unlimited data plan is recommended. There is no additional charge beyond the data plan to use the push system for email and PIM data.

    I think it really depends upon your perspective. I am a long time Windows user, but found the 700w to be very frustrating to use. The small amount of memory, multiple steps to put things into place and other user aspects made it frustrating for me. There are others who absolutely love it.

    I have no affiliation with Verizon other than being a customer. My job is Superintendent of Schools. My 700p is a tool upon which I am dependent and the ability to get to something quickly and deal with the information is crucial for me. I found that I could do that bettter on a 700p than a 700w.

    Everybody will have their own style and preferences. I hope this helps answer your questions and assists you in making a decision.
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    I have a question. What "multitasking" do you really want to do. The 700P does do some multitasking. About the only thing it won't do that *I* would like is continue downloading web pages in the background when I switch to something else.

    To get technical, the Palm OS supports cooperative multi-tasking--each program has to be written to relinquish control. WM5 supports preemptive multi-tasking. The OS controls it. Preemptive is better, in general (although on WM5 it comes at the cost of much greater overhead and greater memory requirements), but the Palm OS is suprisingly good at most of the multitasking activities needed on a handheld.

    So tell us what you want to do, and we'll tell you if the 700P will support it.
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    I think the others have covered your questions pretty well, so I won't rehash their points. I'll be happy to respond on-topic if you have additional questions and/or provide more detail.

    In the meantime, I just had to jump in and say, "Great user name!"
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    I would keep the 700p which almost everyone is syncing with PCs (or Macs) here. If the cost of internet access is a factor, consider Sprint where the standard cost of unlimited access via the Treo is $15 and, at times, can be had for $10. This does not include using the Treo to access the net with a laptop/desktop. I think the salesman tried to steer you in the right direction, if you are thinking of getting a 700w, read this first:

    Good Luck!

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