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    Need some help guys...

    I've just received my 700P FINALLY! But, I've also purchased a new laptop and will use it pretty much exclusively. I've not installed POS yet because I wanted to get some advice on how to best handle getting all my data over from my other PC as well as my T650.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    ONE can be spelled as NEO.
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    I have a wireless home network (Belkin PreN) and what I did:

    1) installed the new Palm Desktop on the laptop

    2) installed a few applications such as HanDBase, HanDBase Forms, 4Cast, things like that and after installing them to the laptop, I then deleted the install files that were moved to the Palm install folders.

    3) hot sync'd the device to the desktop with everything set to "device overwrites desktop" or whatever the verbage is.

    4) copied via the wireless network a few miscellaneous files

    Total time: about 30 minutes.

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    Thanks for the post, so you shared your Palm folder on the PC than copied the files you wanted into the laptops Palm folder?
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    I actually got adventurous and tried it on my own. I have XP Pro. I cant comment on whether or not this will work on either XP Tablet edition or XP Media Center edition.

    What I did was:

    Installed the POS desktop to my new PC, synced (if thats the proper tense of that word, cant ever figure that one out) my T700P to name it and get it its own folder.

    I then synced the T650.

    I shut down the desktop client, went into the Palm folder and found the T650's file and copied the relevant files.

    I pasted them into the T700P's files and viola it was like a hot knife thru butter. Worked like a charm! Last step was to sync the T700P.

    Key was to make sure the sync settings were set to desktop overrides the handheld for the next sync to the new unit.

    I thought Id post my findings in case anyone else wanted to upgrade both their Treo and their PC at the same time.
    ONE can be spelled as NEO.
    There is no spoon.
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    Question was asked just a few days ago only it was 600 -> 700

    Detailed instructions therein

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