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    hello to all,

    I did a search on my topic but couldn't find the answer I am looking for. I really don't use On Demand too much & I remember people saying that they just deleted the whole thing to free up memory. Well I recently installed DA & there are things that DA doesn't have like sports, movies, etc. & there really is no point in having 2 directories taking up space. So my question is how would I go about keeping certain parts of OD & getting rid of the rest? Is this possible? Would deleting some effect the performance of the others? Any help would greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Delete all apps that start with OD
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    I used Uninstall Manager to delete it...It will prompt you about a certain file being on ROM, but just continue and it deletes it. I had to delete the channels and or extensions manually though, which is where most of the space came from. You can delete those under info or using Filz. Its easy since all of the files start with the prefix OD. The OD app itself doesn't take up much space after deletion..its the extension files. After a couple of sync's it doesn't pop up anymore and I got my wasted space back in my memory and I have been happy. I don't have any use for it and don't want to pay for the premium use of it, so I don't miss it. Since a core part of it is on the will come back with a hard reset if you decide you want it back.
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    So let's say I want to keep only the free stuff, which is the News, Sports and Weather. Can I delete the other stuff and still be able to sync my free channels? Anybody has a list of things to delete to keep only the free stuff?


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    Treolo has a good question. Has anybody tried this. I was going to delete OnDemand, also, but if I can delete all the memory hog details only, and still keep the free stuff that would be great.
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