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    I love the way the sidekick 3 can multitask with internet, text, and IM, can the 700p multitask as well as the sk3 can? im debating on buying one or not...

    are there any programs that can help it multitask?
    are the texts threaded?
    any updates on blazer that make it run better then it did on the 650? (besides evdo)
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    The Treo doesn't really multi-task, but I beleive there is a program called "Spinner" or something like that that approximates mult-tasking.
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    The Treo 700p (Palm OS) does not really multi-task. There are situations where it appears it does. For example, when you are on the phone and receive a text message, it prompts you with a choice to respond, read, etc. Another example is when you are on the web and either receive a call or a text message, a similiar message will prompt you. If you want true mulit-tasking, then look at the Treo 700w (Windows Mobile). This is one of the areas where the Palm OS is aging. As far as thread SMS, yes. The Treo 700p/650/600 does this very well. Probably the best out of all devices.
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    by true mulitasking do you mean..

    Being able to jump quick from the web to AIM and back without loosing your webpage or having to constantly load it again?

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