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    I've been experiencing a strange phenomenon lately on my 700p. I get markedly better reception when holding it to my left ear than my right ear. When I switch from left to right ear, callers claim I break up and can't be heard, and indeed my signal level drops by 1-2 bars every time I make the switch.

    Is it me? Do I have a thick skull or some other radioactive elements inside my head that are causing this signal degradation on the right side of my head? Or is this some known, documented anomaly with cell signals and/or the 700p?

    Anyone know?
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    Must be that metal plate... j/k : )

    I'm gonna step out on a limb here and say this is likely not a documented bug. :P
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    Good news! I use my left ear all the time. I won't have to get those signal boosters.
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    Strange, I seem to have that right ear problem too...
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    So isn't this the weirdest thing? What would cause the phone signal to drop simply by switching to the right ear? It happened in the car yesterday, I switched ears and the signal dropped by 1 to 2 bars almost instantly and stayed that way until I switched back again.

    The signal is weaker here at my house, so that means I can't use the phone on my right ear because people can't hear me. What is going on ???? !!!?!!?!??!!
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    Well if ya in US......left ear is near window.....right ear isn't. Also could be affected by other electronic w/i the vehicle.
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    I've always had trouble w/ my 650 anywhere near my head.
    I get my best recep. w/ a headset.
    and hey! maybe it's a two-fold bennie (health & safety).
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