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    I just tested tomtom on my phone with hulox gpslim 236 in the car and it was a great experience. NOw i just need a place to put the phone in the car. Since there is a smoke tray on the left of the driving wheel, i thought about putting phone there, but phone might fall down if i make violent turns/stops. How does the Car Air Vent Cell Phone Holder sold on ebay come into place? what would you guys recommend to buy that would hold phone in place and it's easily viewable from driver's point of view? I might also need a car charger but i already have a cellet phone case. I don't want buy abundant accessories but the shipping cost kill the deal when buying just a car charger.

    Sorry for my ranting.
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    I'm using an air-vent holder for my Seidio GPS cradle and it works fine. This holder came with the Seidio cradle so I'm not sure which one you are looking at. Only problem I HAD was when I turned the vent "rotated" (it turns left/fight to aim it). What I did was take a black drywall screw and screwed it into the vent under a louver so it won't turn (and is invisible with the 650 in front of it). Now it is solid as can be.
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    Okay, thanks, i'll get one from ebay.

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