Wasn't quite sure what forum to post this in. I am using Butler & attention grabber to alert me for voicemails, SMS, etc. Seems to be working fine. I've been noticing something strange going on w/my SMS lately. Don't know if it has anything to do w/Butler .. or perhaps the "threading" of messges. I'll receive a message, reply & the next thing I know, I'll get a sound alert (like i have a new message) but no notification box .. it'll just give me the sound/vibrate. Maybe a few secs later an actual SMS will arrive, maybe not. I just gave myself a test - I emailed a vtext message to my phone - and replied back to my email - at which point right after that - my phone gave me my sound alert & vibrated as if I had a new text message?! But nothing is there; almost like it's alerting me that I SENT something?!

Anyone else experiencing this strange behavior? I'm on Verizon by the way!
Maybe it's a VZ issue? Or Butler? I can disable Butler & see what happens I suppose!