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    Please let me know where to buy best ringtones for 700. I assume we can only use midi without other software. What are your opionions?
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    Buying ringtones is for the uninformed. Why pay for ringtones when you can make them for free?

    Out of the box, I believe the 700p supports MIDI, WAV, and AAC ringtones. I think there's one more format it supports (AMR?) but I'm not sure. Either way, AAC ringtones are your best bet. You can make them yourselves, and upload them through an uploader (such as rumkin's or the sprintusers uploader), therefore coming at no additional cost to you except what you pay for your data plan. If you search the forums or google, you should find more info.
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    you can put MP3's on your card, but then have to have somethin like Ringo to use them

    otherwise, just use AAC (MP4) and use an uploader (sender thing) to send them as a text to your phone, just d/l them

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    You can download ringers for free via ur Treo @ But, there's a $7 yrly charge if you want to download via PC.
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    I just whipped out two ringtones from music I have. I used SprintUser's FOCUS tool and the Wavepad program to edit the music. Took about at most 10 minutes for both of them -- and this is the first time I'm using either of the tools. This includes the time to install the software and register with SprintUsers!

    SprintUser's Forum Thread - To Create AAC ringers
    Wavepad - Free Audio Editing Tool
    SprintUser's Upload to Phone Tool - FOCUS
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    I always use MP3s as my ringtones
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    Ive used lightwav, mring, ringo, and the built in aac support... and thus far, im still getting a little jumpy play in all of my tones, regardless of format/program to play them... is this still normal for everyone else, or is there some cool way im missing?

    and a random PS, lightwav so screws up fontsmoother :/
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    I used Mring to get MP3's as ringtones on my old 650 - but I've yet to figure out exactly how to get an MP3 as a ringtone on the 700p. I know it can be done, I've seen threads with long instructions for doing it, but??
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    WAV(s) won't work GRRRRRRRRRRRR.

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