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    I just moved from a 600 to 700p and have a problem seeing web generated maps. Living on the coast and hurricane season here, I always used my 600 to look at various weather maps to follow hurricanes. Eventhough some of the maps were small on the 600, putting it in optimized mode helped increase the screen size in effect providing a zoom feature. On the 700p with the higher resolution, this seems to have very little effect. The images are so small that you just can't see the detail and projected path. I went thru all the options on the Pacer screen and cannot find any other way to possibly zoom in on objects. If anyone has a suggestion, it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Has no one experienced this? Perhaps someone has a better weather radar site that allows for a more localized view, if so, please share. If there is another browser or software that allows zooming in please advise. Thanks.
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    There is a app called TealMagnify that will magnify any thing on the screen including web browsers

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