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    I just got a Treo 650 and I would like to know how can I mod it in order to get wi-fi. I heard there is a patch that someone in here created. Please help me, I dont want to pay my provider for a service I could get for free.

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    I will save you the time of doing a search (which should have been done in the first place).


    The only wifi option is the enfora sled.
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    Why would you pay your provider for wi-fi?

    Currently, no 6xx Treo supports wi-fi natively or with an expansion card. You need a wi-fi sled (check the TC store) to connect to an existing wi-fi network.

    I dodn't know where you are located, but widespread wi-fi is available in only a small handful of locations in the world, so odds are, you'll need a cell account for your Treo and access to a wi-fi hotspot if/when you get the sled.

    For the record, if you heard that someone created a patch, you would probably not need to search very far for it. It would probably even be in the "Suggested threads for Treo 650 users"; wait a sec, it is! A patch for the Palm wi-fi card was attempted, but has been unsuccessful to date.

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