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    Quote Originally Posted by scandalex View Post
    I'm glad you have one that is working as it should, but be advised that this defect has happened in units that aren't fake also!
    Yes,I know-but after I had some time to do some in kind comparisons,the charging issue (after getting a replacement for the unit that originally had the issue with the charging adaptor) was the least of the issues.The replica is certainly functional-however when compared to the authentic version,the differences,at least to me were noticeable.That was one of the storekeeper's argument-that of all the WEP200s that he sold,I was THE ONLY person to return it-and he effectively implied that I was a moron who was new to using any sort of technology-even BT.He actually called the owner of the store-so that he could try to explain to me how BT worked and to convince me that the headset was fine.

    ....Boy did he pick the wrong person to say that to....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aviator View Post
    Where do you guys buy the WEP200. The authentic ones?
    All the bestbuys in my area are sold out.
    T Mobile stores have em for 69 bucks
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    Can anyone tell me where i can get a new uk charger for my headset i had mine stollen and dont know where to go??
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    I had a WEP200 but it was so small, light that I bumped it out without noticing. I used the Jaba eargel from Radio Shack. I was going to order another one but wanted to see if anyone was using a hook or something to make sure I didn't lose it again.
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    yeah, the Jabra JX10 earhook works great with this unit. Treocentral store sells them for $5.95 I think.
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    Here is something weird that happened to my WEP200. It worked perfectly for 3 months. Today all of a sudden its blue light has turned on and has stayed on continuously (as if it is in a pairing mode). It no longer connects to the treo in a call. I thought pairing again might help - but I am unable to pair it with the Treo. I can't even turn it off - I kept pressing on the power switch for more than 10 minutes and it won't turn off. Looks like it is hung in some manner. Not sure how to reset it. I guess I will have to wait till its battery runs out completely, charge it again and hope it works. Posting it here in the hope that this has happened to some one else and some remedy has been found!!!
    Satish Joshi
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    Well the solution was simple. I am posting this so that it may be useful for some one. I didn't have to wait for the battery to drain completely. I simply plugged in the charger, flipped the switch "on" for a second, the red charging light went on. I switched the charger off and everything went back to normal. I believe the WEP200 was "hung" in some way and starting charging just reset'ed it somehow
    Satish Joshi
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    Quote Originally Posted by 9thfloormaniac View Post
    yeah, the Jabra JX10 earhook works great with this unit. Treocentral store sells them for $5.95 I think.
    How sturdy is the earhook? I'm assuming it has to be removed every time the unit is charged. Does it snap on and off relatively easily?

    Samsung has an OEM ear hook on their site; however, a call to customer service reveals that it is not compatible with the WEP200 (a claim I highly doubt if the Jabra hook works).

    I think I'm going to try the Phillips' earphone buds mentioned on page 3 and 4 of this thread first but, if they don't suit me (the Jabra gels don't...they stick out too far), then the ear hook is my last resort. Any additional feedback on the ear hook would be helpful. Thanks!
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    Well, no luck with the Phillips buds. They're actually worse for me than the stock buds. I'm thinking the ear hook is going to be the only workable solution.
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    After losing my WEP200 and not being able to find it for several weeks I got desperate. I found it for $35 from a company called N1 Wireless out of NY, so I ordered it and a Moto H300 (uses a AAA battery) to with it as a backup just in case I lose it again.

    It just arrived and I think it may be a fake. The box is almost twice as thick as my original WEP200 box, the surface feels like sandpaper, the fit and finish is terrible, the interior plastic that holds everything is much thinner, the manual doesn't match, it doesn't even say Samsung, it doesn't have a tamperproof label at the top of the box, only on the bottom, and the charger says "Bluetooth" instead of "Samsung" on the lid.

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    One interesting note on this phony WEP200 I got. It came with an ear hook.

    It also came with two spare pads, both marked "M", unlike the Samsung ones that are marked "M" and "L". Even though all of them appear to be the same size to me anyway.

    The really funny thing is the manual. I read through it this morning. It doesn't match up to the Samsung manual very well at all. In the back it talks about a warranty, but there's no contact information! Funny stuff.

    I'm trying to decide if I should call Samsung, Google (I used Google checkout), the store (N1 Wireless), or what I should do. I don't know.
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    I'm now on my 2nd WEP200 and to be honest I probably wouldn't buy another one. It works fine but the whole attaching to the ear part is a problem.
    The ear holders that come with it sort of work. Unfortuantely if you move much there's a danger of the headset falling out and being lost.

    I bought Jabra ear gel and those fit. The ear piece stuck out but not a major problem. Unfortuantely every night when you charge it you have to take the gel off to place it in hte special case adapter. Note they carry these at Radio Shack in the San Francisco area but none of the Radio Shacks in LA seem to carry them. Also note that Verizon (in LA) stores only carry the min-gels. These don't fit.

    I lost the first headset when I had to take remove a jacket. Even with the Jabra ear gel it was so light weight I didn't notice it until later.

    Ordered the Jabra ear clip for my next one. Problem is you have to bend it a lot to get tighter to the ear and even then it's not making good contact with the ear for the best volume.

    At the end of the day you need the ear gel and the ear hook if you're active and want to avoid losing it. You also have to remove these every time you charge it and then put them back on before using.

    I'd probably go with Motorola H700 if I had to get a new headset today. Self contained.
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    I just got mine from the treocentral store. So far so good, I'm anxious to see how well it works for me when I'm out and about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scotttreo View Post
    I lost the first headset when I had to take remove a jacket. Even with the Jabra ear gel it was so light weight I didn\'t notice it until later.
    You are complaining about it being too light?! Whatever. lol
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    No, I'm complaining about the fact there's no secure way to attach it to your ear. The ear holders included only seem to work with a small percent of people and then only if you're not moving much. That leaves you with the need to buy 2 other means of attachment - Jabra ear gel and jabra ear clip.
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    This is indeed pathetic. Its been almost a year since the 700p was released and we still do not have a BT headset that works all the time.
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    I think I have a generic WEP200 (from website--paid about $35). It works relatively well--much louder that the Treo-branded BT one. I couldn't hear the Treo one with road noise while driving. The WEP200 is so loud that I have to remove it when I sign onto my voice mail system when the DTMF tones are generated.

    I actually like the wrap-around earpiece. It gives me the piece of mind that I won't lose it, and is very comfortable--don't even know that I have it on. Haven't tried the "tape trick" yet, but will as some say that they hear an echo when I use the WEP200.

    Funny thing happened this week with the charger case. The one supplied with my set no longer seemed to be able to charge my unit. But a co-worker just returned from a trip to China and purchased one there which appears to be the real thing as the charger case says "Samsung" while mine says "Bluetooth." He also couldn't get his headset to charge in his charger case. We switched cases, and now both work! strange.
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    WEP 200 and AX2 ear gels!!

    O.K. - I'm a newbie here but stumbled on this thread cuz, like a lot of you have been looking for a more comfortable ear gel for the WEP 200. I saw where someone asked earlier about the AX2 ear gels, and the respondent was correct that they are too small. UNLESS, you modify them like I did. I'll have pics up in a few minutes, but my phone wont sync so I have to shut down and re-start. Some glitch w/Active Stync I guess.
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    Here's the pics of the AX2 ear gel I modified to fit the WEP200. The ear gel appears to be too small for the WEP becaust the speaker won't fit down deep enough into it. I simply took a very sharp, very pointed knife (like an Xacto knife) and cut out some material from the inside of the bowl that makes up the ear gel. Be careful not to take too much material from the upper portion of the bowl, as it is much thinner and easy to cut through. I could still stand to remove a little more from the inside, but am pleased with the current result as it stays on tight and fits just like my AX2 used to.
    Hope this helps.
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    One more vote for the WEP200.

    I've been through half a dozen BT headsets including a Sony 608, Treo OEM, Plantronics 640, Nokia BH-202 and Motorola 850b.

    All but the Motorola and Nokia had very poor range. The Motorola caused my 755p to reset every dozen or so connections...very strange. Sony had lots of static pops. Treo had bad feedback and low volume until fitted with Jabra earpiece. Plantronics would constantly unpair and repair. Nokia wasn't compatible...switch on headset wouldn't answer phone.

    WEP200 has worked like a dream.

    The range is great. The pairing perfect. Sound quality is fantastic. Love how small and discrete it is. Yesterday a guy came up to me to ask about it because he was amazed at how small it was compared to the jumbo thing he was wearing.

    It is superlightweight. The supplied earpiece does hold it securely in my ear, but it isn't as comfortable as the Jabras. I may retrofit a Jabra but I find I'm getting used to it now...sometimes forgetting I have it in there. That is testament to how lightweight it is.

    Also, keep in mind, this thing has no type of DSP or noise reduction system whatsoever. Having said that, I've tried noise reduction headsets that left my voice sounding hollow and tiny on the other end.

    I want to echo the caution about where you buy the thing. There are a ton of fakes out there.

    J & R, a very reputable retailer, is selling the black model for just $35. I'm tempted to buy a second one as a backup.
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