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    Just to let you guys/gals know, the name and model number of the earphones is Phillips HE592. They are $14.99 at Walmart. They also have them online if you don't have time to go into the store. I hope this helps. By the way, thank you for the info on the tape over the hole on the wep-200, it really did help alot.
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    FWIW, I was able to eventually get my 700P and WEP200 to pair. It took a re-charging at one end and a reset on the other, but all is well and I agree, it's a nice headset.
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    I've had my WEP200 for about 1.5 weeks now... I liked it until it started to snap, crackle, and pop today. I'm planning to exchange it. Luckily I bought it on Treocentral so I am hoping to exchange it.

    Anyone else has this issue?
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    Quote Originally Posted by azxcpt View Post
    I only wish it had a mic that suppresses wind noise. I'm willing to try it though. For myself, sound quality and fit are the highest priority. I hope that CompUSA will also stock the Cardo Scala 700. I'd like to give that one a try too.
    Have you tried it yet?
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    I was debating between the WEP200 and the Cardo Scala 700 for my Treo 700p. I went with the Scala and I'm very pleased. I posted a review on Amazon for anyone who is interested.
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    Those of you who liked the Jabra eargels as a solution...was it the 'regular' ear gels or the 'mini' ear gels which you bought?
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    My review on the WEP-200 (genuinity unknown)

    From everything I've read here and other websites/forums/reviews I've noticed that your wep 200 will fall into one of those categories....

    I personally got mine from ebay. I got it for very cheap and from abroad as well. I consider myself one of the luckier ones because the headset came in a genuine looking box, manual, charging case (and charger), and three other rubber bud sizes. The manual contained what looked like Korean or Chinese in the first section and english in the second section. Samsung was never misspelled and there was only one misspelled English word and the box had two orginality seals. The headset itself looks sleek and genuine and fits nicely in my ear with little soreness afterwards. The blue led flashes sharply and consistently. The handset sports the 'Samsung' written in english. On the back is what looks like another small genuine seal/sticker and writing that states it's made in Korea.

    Despite all that, I'm thinking that this product is somehow after-market or not the real real deal. The reason I say that is because after charging this device for the allotted time, the led just turns off rather than turning blue. The carrying case itself also feels of very cheap plastic and the cover doesn't click into place as what would feel intuitive; it just "closes" into place and not very securely either.

    I would have to say that I'm particularly pleased with performance. Although this is my first handset and I lack a frame of reference, I have been able to make fairly clear calls and recieve farily clear calls to. My only complaint is that when speaking to another mobile phone user and are on a high volume setting it begins sound a little distorted. Apart from that I can move freely up to 10 feet away w/o obstructions and with no static whatsoever. A little further and it starts building up static. Up till 25 feet and you can still make out the other end. After that it's you're luck.

    Another indication to me that this is probably not the real deal is of the incoming call alert. It's soo cheesy. A noise like a toy would make. I think it's she beginnings of a famous classical composition, can't put my finger to whose it is.


    I'm starting to think that all lot of "not real" handsets are starting to make their way into retail stores here in the U.S.

    The reason I say this is because I read a lot of inconsistencies in performance. For example, the CNET review gives the WEP 200 a fairly high rating, but when you look at the respective user reviews, it's like, 'what happened'. Obviously a lot of people are not getting their hands on the real deal. I would say your safest bet is to go through samsung themselves. Even Wireless carrier stores might be selling knock offs.

    my two cents...
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    Is anyone else having their Treo 700p soft reset itself after being idle while paried with the WEP200? This is a very mysterious and annoying issue, and I am wondering if I got one of the fakies. Thanks
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    My WEP-200 just failed/died last week after about 7~8 weeks of use. I noticed the it starting to beep and I knew I had not used it all that much, so I thought the battery was going a little early, but what ever, charged it over night, got a solid blue light and figured it was ready to go. I go to turn it on, and no go. Will not turn on.
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    haha I'm on my 3rd wep200! its cheap so i keep buying it. 1st time it was stolen and the second time I lost it.
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    I agree with Saqer in that counterfeit headsets are finding their way into retail stores. I canít prove it, but I just returned a Nokia BH800 to Amazon that was horrible. Kept losing itís pairing with the Treo. Now I have one of the Samsung WEP-200s that I bought on Ebay for only $16.99 plus shipping from China. It looks VERY good. The box looks real, the headset looks real, the light turned blue after charging. It paired up fine. The person on the other end of the phone says the volume is very low. If I move the headset more than about one foot from the phone I get a bunch of static. If I try to put the phone on my belt, forget it, nothing but static mixed in with the occasional Ĺ word. I wanted Samsung to know about these counterfeit headsets so I called them (twice). The first time because I was worried even before I received it. And then again today when I actually got it. The first time I called, they said to call back when I got it and they could tell by the serial number whether it was genuine or not. This time when I called, they only asked if the A in Samsung was actually an upside down V which is what it should be. On my headset the A is an upside down V so they consider it genuine. Go figure. Anyway, the guy suggested that I send it back to them and they will send me a new one. Well, that sort of works for me, but I would rather have lost the money and busted the crooks. Besides, if it is a phony, they will probably figure it out and deny the return. Iíll post back to let you know what happens. If this does work, this might be a good way to get a genuine Samsung for an Ebay price!!! Not the most ethical way however. Hey, I AM trying to do the right thing.
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    I manage a Sprint store and have access to every bluetooth headset that Sprint offers and I have to say WITHOUT QUESTION[B] the WEP-200 is the best!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bugley View Post
    The Samsung WEP-200 in my opinion is the clear winner.

    I didnt find this one to be a clear winner; if anything, callers had a hard time hearing me. And this thing picked up every little noise, every sound it could find other than my voice.

    For me, the Samsung WEP170 was the clear winner.
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    I had purchased one of these headsets @ Best buy, and fell in love with it, it was comfortable, small, and it stayed paired with my 700p. Well, I have lost that one, and went to purchase another from a popular online auction website. I chose a low priced model from a well rated seller, and felt confident that he was just getting a much better price on them. Well my package arrived and I knew something was wrong as soon as I opened the box. The charging case said "Bluetooth" on it, and not "Samsung", the logo on the headset didn't look right, the charger did not have a caution sticker on it, the ear gels were cheap and flimsy, and nowhere in the manual was Samsung mentioned. I charged it, paired it with my phone, and instantly knew that it was fake, the audio quality was horrid, range was less than 1 meter, and the battery died in less than an hour. For a seller who stated 5 times in the auction that he does not give refunds, he sure was happy to give me one when I called him on it. I have since ordered the genuine article from Treocentral, and am confident that it will be the real thing.
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    My WEP200 went through the wash.

    I discovered it late last night on the spin cycle. I had left my shirt on the couch, with the WEP200 in the shirt pocket, and my wife very kindly picked it up for me and put it in the wash.

    I pulled it out and let it sit all night and all day, hoping it would dry out. I tried to turn it on this afternoon and it wouldn't turn on. I put it in the charger and the red light is kind of flickering. Its always on, but it flickers brighter kind of intermittently every second or so.

    I'm hoping that it comes out working. My 650's headset jack died yesterday too and the replacement won't be here until Friday at the earliest. I'm going to be stuck all week holding the phone to my ear!
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    Out of curiosity, what sort of tape are people using to cover the little pinhole on the earbud? Plain old Scotch tape? Black electrical tape? Painter's masking tape?

    Just wondering before I break out the scissors to cut off a little bit...

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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    I just thought I would post a followup.

    The WEP200 I have is definately a genune unit, and it is very impressive in most respects.

    When there's a clear line-of-sight between the treo 650 and the headset, you can easily walk 20 feet away from the phone and still carry on a conversation pretty free from static. I've tried and returned a Plantronics Voyager 510, a Discovery 655, and a BlueSpoon AX2, and nothing even comes close. The 510, BTW, had the best range of these three on a Treo650, but it was just 5 or 6 feet.

    One's own body can still cause some interference. If I have the 650 holstered on the left side and have the wep200 in my right ear, there is some static, which doesn't sound bad to the wearer, but the outgoing sound your callers hear is pretty bad. A quick call to my voicemail confirms this.

    When there's no static, volume is pretty OK, but the BT Mute trick helps quite a lot. GoTreo's BTMute software doesn't always seem to work, but I am still sorting it out.

    I think the volume would be better if the headset sat deeper in the ear canal, like the Bluespoon AX2, where it would also block out other noise. I see that you can steal the rubber buds from those Philips headphones (mentioned above) that might help, but I am going to try some SlicSound silicon ear bud thinginges. You can find them over at:

    I have encountered no pairing/random unpairing issues with the Treo650, and since the outgoing sound is good enough despite the lack of DSP, and the range is outstanding, I am going to try these other earbuds and see if there's any improvement to be had.

    Otherwise, this is the last BT headset I'll be trying with my 650. Next come the corded models...

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    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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    The Jabra eargels fit the WEP200 perfectly and the tape trick really helps the clarity and volume.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vandoc View Post
    Maybe I'm lucky, but the medium fits my ear perfectly snug and comfortably.

    Looking at YOUR PHOTO (Please see photo for Vandoc), I wasn't able to find a rubber band to fit around my head as good as yours.. Also, My Treo won't stay wedged between my head and the rubber bands..
    Could you give instructions for mounting the 700p to skull?
    Also, had embarrassing 'Slippage' issues when I was sweating.. Some people and girls made comments.. not sure what that was about..

    (Seriously, though...I like the photo.. I would copy it of me, if If you didn't mind..As far as BT head sets goes.. Im coming from a Jabra X10$100 (7 months now) and lost it this weekend.
    I just purchased the Wep 200 and looking forward to it from TreoCentral..Well, see if there is a coupon code tomorrow..
    Big complaint about the x10 was the complaints from others on quality. Also, mine feel apart. Had the glue the case 2X. Also had problems with the 700p losing BT connection with it. For $100 I expected more.. Hope the new one is a step up.. (being BT 2.0)

    Does anyone know if the softstick audio app works with Wep 200..?
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