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    I live in Zambia and use an unlocked Treo 600 over here. I am traveling to the US for 3 weeks and wanted to know if anyone had any advice as to which phone company to deal with? I'd like to get a SIM card and prepaid minutes. I do not want to sign up for a long contract or anything as this will only be temporary. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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    Cingular and T-Mobile are ya choices in US. All things beinge qual (which they rarely are ) I'd go with Cingular as they have the best coverage in the US overall. However, I would check w/ people where you will be spending your time and see which has best local coverage.
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    I purchased a T-Mobile To-Go phone at Wal-Mart for $26 ($15 worth of pre-paid minutes). I took the included SIM card and placed it in my unlocked Treo 600 and activated it via the included 800 number. It works like a charm so far.
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    Thats cool...although would it have been cheaper (and more cost effective) to just get a prepaid sim through a cingular store?
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