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    trying to help a friend here

    he owns a treo 650 and recently his sync software on his 3 computers stopped begins to boot up but than it shuts down right away with error message....
    he thinks that start happening after he downloaded an upgrade for roaming problems from sprint...but why would it effect all of his computers?
    has anyone experience anything like that with their own treo?
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    What's the error message?

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    I'm not sure,he said something about missing kernel or dll...
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    he uninstalled it and reinstall its still the same...he tried installing it on different computers and its the same problem on all of them
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    Missing dynamic link libraries are a frequent problem in Windows. Just google the DLL and download it. Then copy it to either the root of the installation directory or in the system32 folder.

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    I know it is, but on all 3 computers at the same time?
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    You know that when you install Windows, it doesn't install the DLL's for every single application ever made...right? In fact it makes more sense that it happened on all three computers at the same time.

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    ok, I tell him that...
    should he put that dll in system 32?
    or in the root or both?

    i'll find out what the code is for sure
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    system32 will be the safest. This way if any other application requires the same DLL, it will be accessible. If he wants to localize the DLL, then in the root of the installation directory.

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    here is the code

    Palm desktop application error signature
    app name: palm.exe appver:
    mod name: mfc42.dll modver:6.2.4131.0 offset: 00004973

    so all he needs mfc42.dll and put in system32?
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    That's not a missing DLL. That looks like there is an error with the existing DLL. Perhaps it was corrupted or overwritten by something else?


    Try renaming the existing mfc42.dll and reinstalling the Palm software.
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    wont this effect any other programs which use that .dll?
    rename it to what....sorry for being dense but I've never done anything like that and he lives 800 miles away from me so I want to make this as easy as possible
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    No because you will be replacing the DLL with an older version of the same thing. Rename it to whatever you want.

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