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    so, a few minutes ago, some of the keys on my treo stopped corresponding to what they should be (backspace became @, enter became *, etc etc)...

    i did a soft reset. then more keys stoppped working right, and then the buttons for the phone, calendar, mail, etc, started corresponding to completely different things.

    then nothing worked at all. no response from the keys.

    another soft reset. and now, i can't even turn the phone back on to get reception.

    anyone have any ideas?
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    Take it apart and clean it out. Sometimes dust and stuff gets in there and messes things up.

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    Using the corner of a business card, slide it around between the case and the perimeter of the screen.

    Perhaps this might dislodge a jammed piece of dust or sand or something that may be causing the screen digitizer to react as if the stylus is being used?

    You can also recalibrate the screen digitizer: From your Home menu select Preferences (Prefs) and on the rolldown select Touchscreen and follow the calibration steps...
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    If you noticed a specific key sticking in the past few weeks, try slightly and very gently pulling up on it or jiggling it.

    This happened to me, and teh "zero" key had become stuck and was also giving alt characters.
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    Mine did the same thing, I took it apart to find that the keyboard circuit board had corrosion. I was lucky and had insurance.

    BTW the first indication of a problem was when the sych port sent a surge into my computer and shut down my USB ports.
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    one thing is that the on/off button on the top works fine when i want to turn it on, but doesn't work when i want to turn it off.

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