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    I just switched from a Treo 650 to a Treo 700P, so I need to get a new case for my Treo 700P so I'm looking for recommendations. I have a Seidio skin case on my Treo 650, and really like it.

    I'm learning towards a skin case, and right I'm looking at:
    1). Seidio Skin case or similar
    2). Egrips

    Does anyone have other cases for the 700P they really like?

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    I have these cases that I really like:

    I use the last one with the Smartphone Experts skin case but I'm sure it will work with the Seidio skin case too. The Palm hard case I use when I travel with the Treo and don't want to take the chance of it getting broken in my soft sided briefcase.
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    I've tried the skin case and didn't care for it. I used E-grips on my 650 and now my 700p and still think that is the best option for me. My treo fits into the pro-fit dash mount in my car and the Cellet Rubberized holster with no problem. E-grips is about the closest thing to a "naked" treo I think you will find.
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    The eGrips only cover the back of the device though, correct?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wbwjr
    E-grips is about the closest thing to a "naked" treo I think you will find.
    Nope. BSEs are.

    Also, if you really like silicon skins, I'd suggest getting a skin from JavoEdge. Way better quality than Seidio's "premium" skin.
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    I really like the Speck ToughSkin. It comes with a holster. It's a little tough slipping in and out of the case, so if you are constantly removing you SD card then this is not the case for you. I rarely remove my card and transfer files over bluetooth so it's not a problem for me.
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    Get the new crystal case from seido. Its thin, clear, stronger, better, and overall faster than the skin case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dslunceford
    The eGrips only cover the back of the device though, correct?

    They cover the back of the device and the sides.
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    I like the bestskinever clear skin and the crystal case for my 700p...still looks NAKED
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    This from ebay is preety cool. It is okay a protecting. the corners aren't really protected but is still pretty cool with the designs. It is only $9.
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    I use this and love it: I almost spent 180 bucks on a VAJA case... This case is 25 bucks or so and does the job it sets out to do.
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    crystal case rocks!
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    I just got my 700P last week. I'd been looking for a skin/case that wouldn't add much (if any) bulk to my Treo. Ended up buying a ShieldZone Invisible Shield from the TC store. Pretty happy with it. Makes things look a little glossy, but other than that, it's basically no added bulk.
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    I've never been a fan of skins, but I tried Bestskinsever (BSE) and love it. It adds some protection and also makes it easier to hold onto the treo by making it slightly tacky feeling, and no one but you will even know it's on your treo. It doesn't change the look at all. I use a Palm leather side holster case, and the treo still fits perfectly with the BSE.
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    I 2nd the use of BSE. I use it in combination with Palm's pouch case (side model). I used to use Palm's swivel holster, but the clip stuck out to much and would constantly get snagged on something. The pouch case is closer to the body.

    The BSE is not going to protect your Treo from hard impacts. It does allow me the comfort of setting it down on a desk or any rough surface without having to worry about scratches. Also, as noted above, it does provide better grip vs a naked Treo.
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    I had the same thoughts about the Crystal Case and the BSE which I like, but I wanted a case that protected the screen a little more. I also wanted immediate access to the Treo for entering quick notes etc. and wanted to dress it up a little, so I went with the black case about half way down the page here:

    It's a beautiful case that gives the Treo a little more protection that the BSE case (which I have but didn't install). It protects the screen very well and it can be handled with one hand (a flip of ones thumb and you are ready to go). I got the one without the belt clip because I've had these work loose (even the best of them, torn off or broken by seat belts etc.) and I now carry the Treo in a pocket.
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