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    I am using v 5.120 (5200) and while using TomTom there are times that I would like to zoom the map out and leave it zoomed out.

    For instance if I am going to be on an interstate for the next 4 or 5 hours I don't need it zoomed it to my current location quite so tightly when I zoom the map out it may stay that way for a few seconds and then zoom back in to where I am at.

    Does anyone know of a way to zoom the map out and make it stay that way?

    Treo 755p
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    Have you set it to adjust zoom to speed ?
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    I've been searching for the same thing, but haven't found anything yet.
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    Unfortanatly I do not see that option in any of the menu's

    However I did find out how to do it for Windows PPC's
    "Automatic zooming can be switched on or off through "Navigator Properties", Tab "Navigation"."

    I do not see anything refering to "Navigator Properties" at all in TT for Palm. I am using version 5.201 (5344)
    Treo 755p

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