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    I am currently a US user with a Sprint (CDMA) T650. It is very likely that I will have to travel to the UK for several weeks on business next month.

    Obviously, my Sprint T650 will not work on that side of the pond. But as luck would have it, my company has an unlocked / unbranded GSM T650 that we use in our product testing. I may be able to borrow that phone to take with me.

    So, How hard would it be to temporarily migrate my set up to the new phone? I would like to keep as many of my current applications as possible, but would settle for just having the PIM data if I had too. Would it be as simple as copying my hotsynch backup to a safe place and then doing a selective restore to the GSM phone. If so, then what (other than saved preferences and the carrier profiles) should not be copied over?

    Thanks in advance!

    Dave Wright
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    Shouldn't be too hard at all.

    If you have an SD card:
    1) Download a program that backs up data to the SD card (such as NVBackup which is free, or BackupBuddyVFS which I use).
    2) Backup your original CDMA T650 info to SD card.
    3) Perform a hard reset of the GSM T650 (DO NOT HARD RESET YOUR EXISTING CDMA).
    3) Beam download program to new GSM T650
    4) Transfer over SD card to new GSM T650.
    5) Restore data from SD card.
    6) Remember to hard reset the GSM T650 once you are done with it!!

    If you don't have an SD card, you will need your computer. The only thing may be that the software drivers for Sprint and Unlocked Treo 650 are different (but I doubt that).
    1) Fully backup your existing CDMA T650 data onto your computer.
    2) Perform a hard reset of the GSM T650.
    3) Sync the freshly hard-resetted GSM T650 with your current computer. The computer will ask you to choose a Hoysync name, and click the one you are using.
    4) The computer will then restore ALL data in your Backup folder onto the GSM T650.
    5) Voila -- you have duplicate identical machines.
    6) This should not interfere with your syncing your original CDMA T650 later on.
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    I did this exact thing last month. I needed to switch to a GSM phone for travel in UK. All I did was a complete "Restore" from BackupBuddyVFS from my Sprint650 to the new Cingular650. Worked like a charm.

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    That's basically what I thought I would be able to do. I use NVBackup so the restore from the card should be pretty simple.

    But, am still concerned about issues with the saved preferences and the carrier profiles. (Especially since I have installed a custom phone overlay to restore the call durations in the call log.) I am a bit surprised based on some of the other things I have read, that copying them over would not cause stability issues on the GSM phone.

    Dave Wright
    Palm Pro -> Samsung SPH-I300 -> Sprint Treo650

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