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    Hey everyone,

    I posted this to the other Palm forum, but have yet to get a reply. The reply time seems faster here, so I thought I'd post my problem here.

    I searched the forums and did not find anything about this. Hopefully I didn't overlook the article (sorry in advance if this has been posted).

    I have upgraded my unlocked Cingular 650 to firmware 1.71, software rev Treo650-1.20-ENA, and all appears to be working great. However, I have noticed that before the upgrade I was able to hit the side button to launch the camera app. Pressing (and holding) the button now does not do anything. I went into the Buttons part of Prefs and configured my sidebutton for camera, but it didn't work. I even tried changing the program that the button is mapped to (Calendar), but it won't load that either.

    To test that the button was working, I installed TreoShutter 2.1 and used the side button to take the picture, which works fine.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks all!
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    Odd, I just went to my prefs and set the side button up for camera and it worked right away.
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    That's odd. I couldn't figure why you were getting the problem in the first place (maybe that's why you didn't get any responses)???

    Perhaps a 3rd party program had hijacked the side button?
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    I'd reset then use prefs to define the button. Might want to use FileZ to delete the old prefs files and any 3rd party software you are using. I use mine with the side button configured for the camera all the time, so it's either a corrupted prefs file or 3rd party software.
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    *sigh* it's just as I feared. I hard reset fixed it. So something that I'm running has hi-jacked the button as Urinal_cake suggested.

    So is there an easier way to determine the problem APART from manually installing each app? I'm hoping for a quick way to do this

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