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    In windows pc, we can use shift+left/right to highlight words to edit/copy. HOw would i do that in palm os in treo 650?
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    Uhh..with the stylus?

    (Psst.. here's a hint: It's probably in the little book that was in the Treo box...)

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    so far i never use stylus since i put my phone in a case with clear plastic cover over the screen area. Using stylus over the plastic cover is kinda annoying, but i don't take the case off every time just to highlight words. So is there a way to do it without the stylus, smart guy?
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    I don't understand why people post questions without putting at least a half *** job into searching

    Any other trivial issue I may Google for you?

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    thank you very much, i thought asking questions is part of what the forums are for.
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    Yeah but you should still do your part and search.

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    Try FieldPlus (can be found at Palmgear). It has almost all the functionality of TreoSelecText but is free. Also, very stable on Treo650.

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