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    I broke the little "ear-wire-wraparound-thingy" for my JX10

    Does anybody know where I can buy just that part....I looked moderatley on the web and I haven't found a site that just sells that part.

    I really like the headset, and pulled a bone-head move by snapping the wire where it fits into the ear piece.
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    if you email jabra customer support they will send in the mail right away. i asked about a 3 months ago and they sent it out and then i broke that one and the next time they sent me 3 of them.
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    HAHAAH my wife just broke mine. I lent it to her to try for a week to see if that is the BT headset that she wants for her phone.

    Call +1 (630) 442-6900 and tell them that the wrap around clip broke. They will send you a couple more. I called them today and they are sending me a couple. With this kind of support, I would gladly order from them again.
    "So long and thanks for all the Treos!"
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    Use an ear gel instead. more volume and more comfortable. YMMV

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    Quote Originally Posted by gottago
    Use an ear gel instead. more volume and more comfortable.
    Agreed. I threw out my plastic clip the first day I got my JX10. Get the jabra ear jel. Dozens of threads about this.
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    love this headset but took off the clip the first day i used it found the clip to be anoying it fits my ear perfect.

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    mine fits fine in the ear without the loop, ear size may vary.
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    Thanks all

    I tried it with out the wire and it works better than I thought, especially with sunglasses on. I need the wire if I'm performing my normal job, too much risk of it falling off in the tall grass, mud, weeds etc...

    I recieved a prompt reply from Jabra that they were sending me a new wire...good customer service.

    Thanks all

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