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    I have been experiencing resets when adding a sender from an AOL IMAP mailbox to my contacts. Here are the steps:

    -From the summary view
    -Navigate to the right icon of a message
    -Click and select Add Sender to contacts from the drop down
    -A pop up comes up with the data to be added
    -Click on OK
    - BOOM..!! Reset

    After a reset I get the following error:

    DmWriteCheck failed
    with Err(0x0214)

    I have contacted Marc (the developer) but he has been anable to reproduce this bug on a Treo 700p. I am using a Sprint Treo 700p and it happens all the time. It reminds me of the Directory Assistant problem. Is anybody having this problem with Chatter on a Treo 700p? Please report it.


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    So nobody is having this issue??

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    Well, Al, keep looking, cause I just tried it and no reset at all. Ben

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