I have a Treo 650 / VersaMail / Yahoo! pop account. Some time ago, I was able to delete specific email messages from my 650 (selecting "both" for server and 650), and watch it go bye-bye from the yahoo inbox when I took the time delete the trash on the 650 and wait for a yahoo server sync.

Something appears to have changed, however, since the email stays in the yahoo! inbox now. I do all the same stuff on the Treo; no error messages; it looks fine. But there it is. Still sitting on the yahoo server. And when I do a new 'get' on the Treo it comes right back in

Note that I don't want to automatically delete email from the yahoo server when I read it from the Treo; I know all about that setting. Rather, I'd like to use the Treo as my email "master" for email deletion. Thus I'd be able to delete email selectively, and I'd have a clean list when I read email from yet another email client.

Anyone know why this may have broke? Sprint doesn't know. And Yahoo! never replies to my technical inquiries.